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  1. So about this chivalry thing...

    Is it dead? I was walking into my dorm and I was behind a really slow walking guy. He opens the door I wait a couple of seconds and he stands there for a second and I go through the door and say thank you to him. I get my key out to open the security access door and smile back at him since I got the new door without him having to open it. He had a really bad sneer across his face. I'm confused as to whether he wanted me to go through or not. And if he was angry that I went through. I'm confused do guys normally get angry at these things? Maybe I walked in too quickly? Am I missing something cause I generally open the door to many people and I thought opening doors was still in...but then again my school is in an area with a really different culture in regards to how men treat women. So is chivalry still around or not?
  2. Like the title says, when married would you have a joint or separate bank account? Or would it be a mixture of the two?
  3. I think the white dress fad started when one of the Queen's of England (Elizabeth?) got married but ever since then I think it has been seen as a sign of purity. Even the color white itself can be seen as a sign of purity. This is different from many other countries that see white as a sign of death. But what do you gals think? Would you show your hardwork with a white dress on your wedding day or does it matter? Most of my older relatives are slightly appaled when an obviously non-virgin woman (usually a woman who already has kids) walks down the isle in a pure white wedding gown...
  4. is masturbation a sin?

    I believe it is. I don't think one can separate lust from masturbation. And Christians are called to flee sexual immorality. Sexual thoughts are hard enough to control so why add a physical component...
  5. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I think it is irrelevant how much sexual experience a man would have. I would prefer a virgin guy because I do believe that shows a good amount of self-control and confidence in today's time. Overall if we are both virgins we won't have any standard so we won't know what were doing, lol. It is a blank slate.
  6. Ask a really weird question

    I have twice been asked about my sexuality. Not sexuality in terms of LGBT but just what is my sexuality. That word and phrasing completely confuses me. The basic definition is the capacity to have sexual feelings. My normal answer is that I am attracted to men and I am not asexual so...yeah. But for some reason the asker wants more and I have no idea what they want me to say. I'm very wary to try to keep such attraction pure and not go into self-gratifying lust but...yeah that's how far it goes. Have any of you been asked such a question and what is suppose to be the answer? The word itself is strange to me and the importance some place on it is strange to me.
  7. The National Church of Bey

    They see themselves as a religion so I thought maybe to put this here but I guess it could go into the general discussion section. So there is a national church of bey and the deity they worship is Beyonce. They just have a tumblr page right now (http://national-church-of-bey.tumblr.com/) but they seem fairly serious. They even have a Beyble they are trying to produce and they claim of wanting to build a temple dedicated to Beyonce. Anyone heard of this before?
  8. Biggest misconceptions about your faith.

    Oh there are so many: Homophobic- no, I do not have an irrational fear of lgbt. Difference in opinion does not = hate especially when thrown in the realm of Christianity (sin, natural law etc...). Heterosexist- I can't even begin... Sexist- I'm a girl so I don't know where that comes from Anti-science - I'm a neuroscience major and future neuroimmunologist by definition I cannot be afraid of science. Irrational- moral standards that are different from the majority does not define rationality/irrationaliy Right-wing nutcase- this one is odd because I am conservative politically and socially but being armed and God fearing does not make one a nutcase...I think Ted Bundy when I think of nutcase.
  9. The National Church of Bey

    I would like for this to be a joke but people idolize so much these days. I agree that Jay Z has a pretty big ego and thinks of himself in god-like proportions and, maybe this is just me, he and beyonce throw up illumanati signs all the time in their concerts (unless they are big zelda fans and like the triforce symbol lol).
  10. The National Church of Bey

    This is what they say about news nerd from their tumblr website: We would like to thank www.TheNewsNerd.com for running the stories on us. Even though we feel they do it in part to mock us, our message is still delivered nonetheless. Beyism is here to stay! SurfBort!
  11. The National Church of Bey

    I found the article here: http://www.blacknews.com/news/does-beyonce-really-have-her-own-church-it-appears-so-well-sort-of101.html#.U1BLYfldUxE I'm trying to see if more is around since they seem really new. And this is what they say about newsnerd on tumblr We would like to thank www.TheNewsNerd.com for running the stories on us. Even though we feel they do it in part to mock us, our message is still delivered nonetheless. Beyism is here to stay! SurfBort!
  12. I wouldn't marry someone with a different religion and I do think it'll end up badly. I'm fairly conservative christian and I don't even think I could take a more liberal christian let alone someone of a completely different religion. I want my children to go to church and be brought up with Christian faith and if my husband doesn't want that then there is an automatic rift in the relationship. To me it helps to be very similar in moral, religious and social beliefs rather than different in marriage since there are so many outside forces that one cannot even control (finances, kids in general) that could cause rifts in the marriage. The less strain the better.
  13. I was just looking at the new version of the little Hierarchy pyramid from Maslow and it states that sex is a physiological need meaning that like hunger, thirst and homeostasis we need sex. Sexual intimacy is less of a need. I guess on a societal level I can understand how sex in itself is a need due to procreation but for individuals I would not put in on the level with hunger. Last I've heard no one has died nor gone insane from no sex but plenty of people die from hunger. What do you guys think is sex in the wrong place on the pyramid or is it on the same level with hunger and thirst. Do you think sexual intimacy for an individual should be a little lower or on the same level as sexual need? Why do you think sex would be on the same level as hunger, thirst, excretion in the first place?
  14. So about this chivalry thing...

    Oh wait. He gave the sneer before I opened the door for him and after I walked in. He seemed more angry that I walked in and didn't intend to open the door for me like I assumed he did but I think your line works that he was prob just immature. But I agree with your post though. Both men and women should be chivalrous and not walk all over each other. I am one of those people who believe modern feminism has corroded a lot of things though lol especially making the lines between men and women on this subject really weird. But you are right that many factors are involved and maybe it is more of an overall moral decay than one factor.
  15. Patient assisted suicide?

    This is mostly from my worry about being a future research physician and how I might one day be forced to contend with this notion. If I did have a patient who wanted me to help them commit suicide I would transfer them to another doctor who would be comfortable with the idea but I don't think I could never do this due to religious/moral problems. 1. Do you think patient assisted suicide should be legal? 2. Do you think a doctor has the right to refuse to help the patient commit suicide and instead transfer them? 3. Do you think it is right for a doctor to refuse to help the patient at all with assisted suicide? Of course this is a controversial subject but...I will probably have to deal with it in a few years lol.
  16. Surrogate Parenting

    If I couldn't have children then that's it...I would just adopt. I wouldn't want some other random girl bearing a child that is suppose to be mine. No matter how okay and consensual it is I would still feel like I was treating her like an incubator or a breeder. Nope, I would only adopt in that case and my hubby would have to be on board.
  17. Virginity in the USA

    I know you are focusing on WTM but I would like to look at a broader aspect of why do celebrities say anything about their personal choices/sexuality anyways. Who cares what they do with their lives and when/where/with whom they want to have sex with??? I think a celebrity claiming that they are WTM is just a part of celebrity life and how some people's lives literally revolve around the celebrity and what they are doing. They might see them as a role model or something but I think every nation has to question why an actor/actress should be seen as something so powerful in the first place. Some people know more about Kim Kardashian than about their own government or even their own identity. The problem is that there is no sense behind why people care so much about celebrities and their lives. Do people in Germany not care about celebrities and certain aspects that they do or certain ideas they promote? I agree that it is a part of the "clean" image and only damages the WTM look but they also do the same when calling themselves Christians (I know not all do but calling oneself a Christian seems to also be a "cool" thing to do at times). Calling oneself a label that is from a belief that encourages abstinence, humility, pious and other good qualities and doing the exact opposite equally damages the labels and provides more ammo to those who really do try to live the lifestyle. Personally I only think the weird controversy behind WTM is because it has been brought into the public sphere. The purity balls (mostly done is devout religious circles) were never really a big deal and no one really knew too much about them until someone made a documentary that came from a viewpoint that they were weird. And then Bush Jr. did the weird purity ring thing. Another thing is that sexuality/sex is placed on a pedestal in this country IMO and WTM is a challenge to that type of power. It is a weird struggle between let it hang free and keep it in your pants. And the U.S hasn't really found a balance between the two.
  18. Cheating during the relationship

    Hey gals, so a big fear that I have is that since I am abstinant my boyfriend might actually cheat on me with not just another woman but a prostitute or go to those "help you cheat" websites like Ashley Madison. Does anyone else share these fears? This might sound a little weird but how would you feel if your boyfriend or husband cheated on you with a prostitute? How do you gals feel about prostitutes? Sorry if this question is a little strange but I guess I'm really worried about it...in this day and age it seems perfectly normal for people-married or not- to go to prositutes instead of talking to their significant other and trying to work it out. Some people even say it helped their marriage that their significant other went to prostitue or cheated. IMO I don't buy that prostitutes save marriages...I think that should be up to an actual marriage counselor but what do you guys think?
  19. Respecting people's decisions

    I agree with that totally. The word doesn't seem complete. I don't have the power to "allow" something nor do I really have the power to "stop" anything anyway so I'm not sure how I can interfere with someone (unless you count voting as interference) and it is just being formed into "acceptance".
  20. Respecting people's decisions

    To Tolerate: allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference. Continuing with the crack smoker analogy, the fact that I don't run up to the person and try to stop them from smoking crack or harass them in any way means that I tolerate them. Now does that mean if some legislation came through that tried to legalize cocaine would I vote yes in the name of "tolerance" no, I would not vote yes. And I don't think "tolerance" should be used in such a way. And asking me to vote yes to be "respectful" and "tolerant" of that person's decision automatically disrespects and shows intolerance to my decision to vote how I want (if we are looking at those definitions as being more about acceptance than their actual definition). It is a double edged sword to me when asked to be "tolerant" or "respectful" especially when I don't understand the type of definition the asker is using because in many instances I am tolerant but I cannot respect the person. But I will leave them alone unless they come to me for help. When I am morally against something I can be tolerant (what am I going to do fight every single person on earth who does it, smh) but it does not mean that I admire/respect that idea. Also I've noticed that even the word tolerance is slowly morphing into total agreement instead of it's natural definition same as respect IMO. I think the best thing to do when teaching the class/people about such sensitive subjects is not condense it into some catch phrase with an already complex word in it such as tolerance/respect/judgement. Take the time to simply form an argument around such a word and use the exact definition of the word. By using exact definitions I think there can be an understanding that everything can be tolerated (at least on an individual level maybe not on a societal level) but not everything can be respected.
  21. I would definitely consider it because I trust my parent's judgment especially pertaining to socioeconomic status but at the end of the day I would make the final decision. If it caused a lot of strife in my family and was outside of pure stereotypes then I would probably stop dating the person. Then again I'd like to think I'd do a good job with picking my guy so there's little strife in the family.
  22. Respecting people's decisions

    I have a hard time with understanding the whole "respect everyone's decision" mantra along with the "don't judge" mantra. Respect=admiration or admire and I simply do not admire everyone's choices in life. And I'm not forcing myself into a fake sense of cultural relativity because some people want to be admired 24/7 for everything that they do. By asking me to just respect another person's decisions even if they are detrimental to themselves and/or the community I feel like I'm being asked to lose the ability to make opinions and judgments. For example, a person decides to take smoke crack a person asking me to "respect" that person's choice is simultaneously asking me to admire and be completely okay with what they are doing. My response to such a statement is NO. I'm not going to run up to the person and yell at them for smoking crack but I'm not going to brown nose them so they can feel special. I'll simply just leave that person alone. No offense, but that type of thinking of unequivocal admiration for one's actions just seems like a red flag for insecurity and inability to handle criticism. When they leave the lavatory they want a group of people around them stating how it smells like roses and strawberries since they left.
  23. Who is your favourite saint?

    Mine is Saint Paul. From militant, serious anti-Christ pagan/atheist >road to damascus> strong follower of Christ (zealot).
  24. I wanted to share some American stereotypes:
  25. Worst song you ever heard

    There is one song called Spectacular. It is by a girl who was a really big cheetah girl (Disney movie) teen star. It is about how she got drunk and slept with some guy who looks like the predator and she wakes up singing about how the sex was spectacular. I also dislike miley cyrus wrecking ball.