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  1. Hey everyone :)

    even later but welcome! also you have a good name lol. Do you pronounce yours Ann-Dre-a or On-dre-a? I know people do it both ways Mines the first.
  2. As long as no one is getting hurt and all consenting adults I see no problem. ( I also think you're born gay but I know some people on here disagree)
  3. Its ok it doesn't change you! or even what girls will think about you. I didn't have sex before marriage but i did make mistakes along the way and it doesn't matter anymore you can still be happy and you can still be a waiter. also we all support you and your journey to try again.
  4. I feel I offer the best advice on this because I went through the same thing. its funny you latterly just described my relationship with my father for most my life but do to the encouragement from my current significant other i called him up on valentines day last year it's the best thing I've ever done I'm not going to lie it'll be hard in the beginning but if you gain a relationship with him it will be worth it myself dad did a lot worse thigh than you mentioned but he's pretty good dad even Considering he's old and not in the greatest health i don't know how much time I'll have left with him but I'm glad I got to rebuild our relationship i talk to him every day now I love him a lot and it's helped heal some old scares please do it and let me know.
  5. ok question, "GRAPHIC"

    ok i guess im gonna be the only one..... no i wouldn't, sorry guys. but im not a hypercritical or anything i wouldn't have oral before marriage. Its one of the things that's important to me, everyone free to their own criteria.
  6. some one down to earth who iv enjoyed talking too
  7. DD is absoalutly right, you can do much better and way to many of red flags
  8. Slut-shaming

    Oh sorry mark I didn't see it.
  9. Adults section

    so Kindra was talking to me about the teens section and i asked if their was an adults section which she told me no see we kinda thagh it was a good idea (even though some of us in the convo wont be old enough to join yet) it was still worth trowing out thir if y'all were interested (and i wanted talk credit for the idea) lol so see what y'all think
  10. Slut-shaming

    Slut shaming/virgin shaming Ok so I had never honesty ever given this much thought. Nor had it crossed my mind that it might be wrong. Those “sluts†in my mind had earned the term and if they didn’t like being titled that they shouldn’t be a slut. Well recently I have been educating myself on such things and though I maintain my decision to wait (of course always) and I do in my personal opinion believe it to be the best choice. I have taken several factors into my decision ageist slut shaming. · Virgin shaming: I myself have experienced this and been disrespected for my lack of experience and my decision to wait until marriage. As many of u may know it does make you feel bad so why turn the tables on someone else? We don’t like it when are sexual decisions are disrespected so why disrespect others? · Difference in belief: many of those who wait do so out of religious or cultural beliefs. I have always thought it humanly necessary to respect other religions and culture though I may not share their belief but it hadn’t crossed my mind that, yes sex if defiantly affected by such beliefs, so should no the same rules apply? · Back ground: like many of you I made the choice to wait until marriage with no biases of parents waiting or having it promoted by some form of family had I not meet other waiters and found the positive enforcement that lead my realization that waiting was defiantly the right choice for me I would not have become a waiter in fact the opiste I was against marriage as child due to childhood experiences with divorce · Sexism: you know the old bias that women who have sex are dirty while men who have lots of ex are often “the big man on campus†· A sadly true story: I had a friend who was once a waiter for that sake of this post let’s call her Quinn. Quinn was once a religious and devote waiter tell around her 2nd year of high school when she was sadly raped by a family friend. After which though, we may not agree with her logic, had I been thought the same thing I don’t know I would not fell that way, she felt since the virginity she valued was “stolen†from her then their wasn’t since in waiting anymore and she might as well sleep with whoever she wants she did start sleeping around after that in an attempt to fill the void she now had around sex and soon which other people at our school began bullying her for being a “slut†and “whore†which knowing what my friend and what she been thought when they didn’t understand made me vary sad they didn’t know the pain and loss she went trough that actually lead to the choices she made, which she did eventually come out of started waiting agine and is engaged to a boy who is a virgin and waiting but she still has to struggle with her past choice she made in a very dark time. As I have hear of cases when a young girls is dubbed “slut†for being pregnant at a young age when people actually don’t know she just did not want to abort her rape baby . So anyway that’s it and the same points cam be made for none waiter against virgin shaming, Though not the same sad story I just wanted to see your thoughts so let me know what you thing please. Though I know many of you already even ok with dating none waiters.
  11. just for insight recently went to a wedding last weekend where the couple both had their first kiss during the ceremony. i would want my first kiss with that person during the wedding and def not my first kiss ever but i think it relly sweet and more power to them its pretty romantic. lol btw if u think first kiss during the wedding is acword this couple did the old removing her grader with his teeth thing lol id be too embarrassed to do that on my wedding lol. we video taped this kiss (evry one did everyone exited to see even though its kida makes me fell like a creeper) i would post it cuz its kinda cute but i dont want to do it without there permison or to relly ask their my brothers friends i don't know them that well
  12. this is a great idea its crossed my mind as well and probably more that we could have you know tips and insight from successful waiters . and u know i was thinking with mikes little video it would be great if we could have video if their interested in making them as well as text responses just because i feel it make more of a connection to people and may open so doors for people who are considering waiting which i think is how a lot of people end up on this sight is they making the disunion and are looking for some positive enforcement on the waiting tell marriage side of the argument and their isn't as many resources for are side sometime it would seem.