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    I'm a cool respectful guy, i feel the key to anyone heart is humor and baby do i have a lot of ammo. As a college student, my time is limited but it all apart of the big scheme for my success. In the end, what is life if you rule as a king without a your beautiful queen.

    - comic designing
    - business planning
    - football
    - basketball
    - a great candidate for president of the world lol

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  1. I want to die

    if you want to talk about sure hit me up i've been there before with a friend/ potential girlfriend
  2. Hi :) I'm new here

    welcome, hope you make it like your second home here, add me as a friend if you like.
  3. Hi Everyone

    welcome to the group baby girl
  4. Can everyone help and support my music

    thank jessea
  5. All my music is slow Rnb and i only promote martial sex with my music, but i cant change what people feel or get out of my music thx you and have a blessed day
  6. Just thought I'd introduce myself

    sup fam welcome
  7. Hi, I'm McKenzie

    i feel your pain baby girl, welcome to the site
  8. My name is Alicia, and I am snarky.

    i like them feasty ...grrr . jk welcome to the site
  9. I am new to the site.

    welcome guy or girl lol =D
  10. I got the same problem my manager is a jerk that always hits on women at our job.... i know what i want to be and i don't want to be him. he got baby mother as well, soon or later they will learn their are wasting there time.
  11. New Virgin in the house

    glad to be the first virgin you meet lol
  12. Hello, all!

    Welcome we are here for you im 19 in usa i live in Delaware
  13. refered to as a dating site?

    Ha people are so cray cray some times lol
  14. Hello I'm Kenny

    Thank you im happy to be here