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  1. Social Advice

    Thanks for your suggestions. Church is a no go partly because I'm not religious and partly because over here it's the religious people that drop their morals and values first (Source: I know a lot of church goers) Lack of popularity through waiting because people can see that I don't spend my weekends 'getting with randoms' and that I never have a girlfriend. I never physically tell anyone that I'm waiting though. Thanks for the link. I check that site and others pretty regularly, but I'm yet to find anything. There are a lot of things such a groups for people with disabilities, single mothers, people of a certain age etc and so on, I can't really go to things like that Well, thanks for your help. I guess I'll just keep searching the internet. Oh and another point against church is that I haven't found any churches with youth groups/activities. There are some youth activities in my suburb, but they're only for gays and people with disabilities.
  2. Here's the deal... I'm starved for a social life. I desperately want to go out and be around people, make new friends etc and so on, and I'm certainly not going to meet people sitting at home, but I just don't know where to go or what to do. I can't bar/club hop for obvious reasons. I've tried finding common interest groups on the internet, but it seems like there really isn't anything in Melbourne. Uni (college) is no help, people mostly keep to themselves and I barely ever see anyone who's not in my course. As for the people in my course, they don't want to do anything with me. This goes back to what I spoke about in my introducing myself threat, for those that saw it, about the lack of popularity brought on by waiting. Is there anything I've missed? Some glaringly obvious social vein that has so far remained untapped by me? I'd love to know what you think and what all of YOU do to be social/have fun.
  3. Howdy!

    Haha 'pity party', I like that. Speaking of popularity... The ladies (and guys too to a lesser extent) treat me like I've got the plague when they find out I'm not interested in sex and want a meaningful relationship. Imagine what would happen if they found out I'm a virgin xD It sure can be hard to deal with that kind of thing, but I try to remember that I wouldn't want to be with someone who reacts that way. It certainly is helping, thank you. Never before have I received such kindness and especially on the internet
  4. Howdy!

    Firstly, thank you for your kind welcome I love agreement! It should help on those lonely, bitter nights I've got kind of a funny story actually concerning the spiders. I've got an online friend in Louisiana who often sees large and poisonous spiders and snakes and who was in fact bitten recently by a Brown Recluse (never heard of it before she was bitten). Ironically enough however, I only ever see the occasional Huntsman and daddy long legs when it's hot and I live in quite a heavily wooded area compared to the rest of Melbourne Good thing too, because I'm fiercely arachnophobic :S I've discovered a spider crawling all over my car while I'm driving on 2 occasions and it's all I could do to stay on the road xD Anywho... I've never seen a snake or a crocodile or a shark or any other kind of supposedly dangerous animals that are rumored to run wild in the streets of Australia
  5. Howdy!

    Greetings, My name's Riccardo, I'm 20 and living in Australia. I'm completely shocked and delighted that such a website exists. I'm not necessarily waiting until marriage, but rather for 'the one'. That being said, I wouldn't have a problem at all with waiting until marriage. I often feel VERY alone on multiple levels due to my waitingness, I'm sure many of you can relate to that. I don't drink, never even tried a cigarette, never done any kind of drug (aside from caffeine xD), don't have sex (let alone 'get with randoms' like everyone else I know) and I don't know anyone even remotely like me. I often feel uncomfortable talking about these matters as well as matters of the heart. I once let slip to my parents that I was waiting and wanted to be with someone who was waiting too and my dreams were stated to be unrealistic with quite a violent tone. No one seems to have any respect for 'waiters' (especially in Australia), do any of you find that as well? I think I need a support group or something I guess I should say that my reasons for waiting are not religious. I do have faith, just not in any organised religion and it does not factor into my decision to wait at all. I DO have somewhat of a sex drive, but it's activity fluctuates haha. I'll go through phases of not being interested in sex at all. Regardless of the activity level of my sex drive I will never be tempted to break my 'vow'... so that's good I suppose. I'm sure you don't want to know my life story, so I'll leave it at that for now. However, in conclusion... How exciting that there are others out there