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  1. So I'm in the earliest days of a relationship (literally 3 weeks in at this stage), but the first two weeks had to be very intense because he was moving away for college after two weeks, so we hung out every day. He is great, he's the right guy for me in every way that counts. Same religious beliefs, very similar humour, but also good with the serious stuff. Obviously we both have major feelings or we wouldn't be going long distance so soon. I'm starting to fall in love with him and I normally am very guarded with people. I just don't want to get too carried away by all this, it's hard when I have met basically the man of my dreams (although he's nothing like I imagined the man of my dreams would be), not to think ahead. Any advice on managing expectations?
  2. Male issues in long distance?

    Thank you so much!!!
  3. Male issues in long distance?

    Thanks Zeke21! Thankyou, I'll keep that in mind. I really want to make this work, so I'm just trying to prepare myself for some possible issues that may arise. I'm used to being in control of situations like this so I guess it's just nerves.
  4. Male issues in long distance?

    Thanks Lexia! I completely trust him and I know he would never cheat. I'm more thinking issues I can expect from his perspective?
  5. New Members-Girls Only

    Me please?
  6. Male issues in long distance?

    Hi Guy's From your perspective, what issues would you have in long distance? Some background. I met a guy a few weeks ago through friends, he has a year left at his studys in England (I'm in Ireland) and we've been seeing each other for these few weeks he's here. We have decided to continue seeing each other because we get on so well, but I've never been in a Long Distance Relationship before but I know this guy is worth giving it a shot. I really liked him from our first date and long before we'd spoken about WTM, which I was delighted to discover he was too. Thanks
  7. The guy from this topic now single. We're still really good friends and I still have feelings for him, I'm going to give it a few months so I'm not his rebound and then tell him how I feel, I guess my question is how on earth do I go about doing that? Basically he hasn't a lot of romantic experience with girls and my fear is that if he doesn't like me his instinct will be to "give me space" and not hang out with me anymore, we don't have mutual friends really so we have to organise meeting up, it's not like we'll see each other in a group and it will go back to normal. I'm scared that him giving me space will lead to us drifting apart! Of course there is always the chance that he'll like me back, or that he won't like me back but our friendship will stay intact... Also how do I tell him? Aaah! Thanks guys!
  8. A question for shy lads?

  9. A question for shy lads?

    He seemed more comfortable at the party than in the car, I think you're right and he may be introverted. I appreciate the point about being laid back in my conversation, which I tend to be anyway, I was scared talking a lot was going to scare him off! Here's hoping for next week then!
  10. A question for shy lads?

    So this guy is a friend of my friends, I've met him a few times and always got on well with him but he is very very very quiet. One guy who lived with him for 4 years said he's only had about 2 real conversations with him. So on Friday night we went to the same party, it was out of town so he gave me a ride in his car so we arrived together, and we ended up chatting one on one to each other basically the whole night (8pm to 2am) and he drove me home again. Our mutual friends said it was odd for him to be so chatty but they've never known have a girlfriend or anything either, so he might be interested. I'm very outgoing and not in anyway shy, and I talk ALOT! I can also be a very forward person at times. How can I proceed in this situation and not scare him off (I hear shy guys get scared off easy)? Our next plans to see each other is next week when we'll be seeing each other at a mutual friends house for tea.
  11. Frequently...I enjoy kissing
  12. Thanks for the responses guys, I have fallen back on the ten commandments on this one, so in the spirit of not covetting my neighbours wife I've decided to keep my distance from him, I know they will break up, and when they do if I am single, I will confess my feelings! Thank you all so much!
  13. I'll try to keep this short. Recently I've moved to the same city as an old friend. We've been friends for about 14 years now since we were 9. We've not lived near each other since we were 14, having to rely on long distance visits a couple of times a year (more frequently since we became adults). Now I have always had a crush on him but I always dismissed it because we were friends and lived so far apart and had no idea if he liked me anyway, but we always have flirted (yes even at age 9, though then it took the form of hair pulling/showing off impressive scars). In the last year or so I've developed really strong feelings for him, which have only intensified now we see each other so much. I have no idea if he see's me as a friend he could never fancy, has a crush on me or reciprocates my feelings for him, literally NO idea. The never-ending flirty banter kinda clouds this. Problem is he has a girlfriend now. He has no idea that I like him in that way, I will tell him, someday, I want to wait until they have broken up and then tell him, not because I think he likes me, but because he has the right to make his own decision and also because even if he doesn't then knowing that I'd be able to romantically look elsewhere (I can't right now, I feel if I'm dating other guys I'm just using them until he's single and I'd never do that). I'd really like advise, would it ever be ok to tell him while he has a girlfriend or would that just be a selfish move so I could get over him if rejected/wait for them to break up if he felt the same way? What would you all do? We're all WTM by the way (I'd appreciate if people didn't comment on how he is staying with this girl he won't marry, because although I think they are wasting both their times and shouldn't be dating if they won't marry that's really not the issue here) Thanks
  14. Hi everyone!

    Bienvenue chérie, j'ai habité en France donc je connais c'est difficile avec notre choix, quelle age as tu? Aussi, desole pour ma grammaire.