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  1. Interracial Dating

    I don't see a problem with interracial dating. I generally date within my race. Not opposed to dating outside of my race (African decent). To say that I have a preference wouldn't be entirely accurate when it comes to physical features. There have been waaaay too many times I've been attracted to someone who looks completely different from what I would consider my preference. It probably sounds corny, but most of the time my attraction to someone is more on a personality level than a physical level. Someone can meet my physical requirements but quickly become unattractive to me if their personality sucks.

    I may do this soon...
  3. Pet Names

    I'm not much of a pet name person. I feel awkward calling someone a pet name. I'll probably have the oddest names for my mate (because I'm silly, and not a pet name person) I'm not a fan of baby and it's many forms (babe, bay, etc.) I say Hun a lot, but it could be because I'm from Baltimore, lol. I like the idea of saying Mr. So-and-so...I think that's nice. See? I'm odd...
  4. Hi Everyone!!!

    Welcome Nicole!
  5. What is your career?

    I'm a Program Accountant for a non-profit religious organization. I'm also in grad school (MBA) and pursuing my CPA. Basically...a lot! LOL!
  6. How old are you?

    I'm 25 26 in November...
  7. Hi All

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
  8. Not a virgin, and I use the term celibate. I personally don't want any confusion when it comes to my sexual past and my decision to be celibate. I do think there is a certain idea you get when someone uses "reclaimed virgin" or "second purity" to describe her/his decision to wait until marriage. Side Bar: There is a certain smugness that comes with someone who has maintained their virginity vs those that decided to be celibate after having sex, and I think that's why people like using the term "reclaimed virginity." For me, my choice to have sex before marriage is a choice that I have to deal with, and dressing it up in certain terms doesn't change the past.
  9. Hi All

    Hey Everyone, My name is Mirah Nirvana (which is an anagram of my name). I have recently made the decision to wait until marriage. I'm not a virgin, which poses some unique challenges for me. I found out about this site through a Facebook group I've joined. I'm just getting to a point where I'm sure about this decision and slowly but surely "coming out of the closet" about this decision. Though I identify as a Christian, my religion isn't the main reason for this decision. I've seen some very informative articles on this website, and I hope there are other people like me who may not be virgins but have made the decision to wait. Thanks for the site, I look forward to participating (and learning) in the fourms. Thanks! Mirah Nirvana