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    Cooking is my PASSION!!! I'm working on opening my own Cafe'!!!!........Traveling!!.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE It!!!!! I adore working with teens & kids in the community & church....I enjoy music, many types (jazz, christian, gospel, classical, show tunes the list goes on!!).....I'm a singer (Chior, Praise & Worship Team)....Love cookbooks!!!...& of course....MOVIES!!!!!....Yes! I am a virgin.....I'm thankful God has helped keep me....I purposed in my heart & with God a long time ago that my future husband will be the only one....Me just for him.....So, while I'm in the wait......I'm Living, Loving, Laughing & Enjoying Life!!!.....But, most of all I LOVE God.....And BOY!!! Does He LOVE Me!!! Oh! For All Your Kitchen/Cooking Emergencies, Questions & Tips. . . . I'm Your Girl!!!

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  1. My Passion. . . . . . . .

    @ Lexia. . . .I fell in love with cooking at an early age... for Christmas I got an Easy Bake Oven when I was 8 (I wanted one SO much!!) . . . . I cooked cakes and ANYTHING I could in that thing!! Chuckles!!!! Then it just grew from their...I watched my Mom & my Grandma cook & I would help them...took Home Economics in high school (that's what we called it then. . .giggle!) Boy! Then Food Network came!!! I was in HEAVEN!!!!! Thus My Passion for cooking was inflamed the more!!!!!! Now. . . . .I'm planning on opening my on restaurant in the near future!!!! Oh! And Merely....I'm an expert at using the microwave too!! For reheating that is!!!! Lol!!
  2. My Passion. . . . . . . .

    Lol! Lexia! Anyone can cook! You just have to get the basics & your Good! Oh! Even if you don't master the basics. . . .you just may end up with a guy who loves to cook! You two could have fun with him teaching ya!!
  3. Is "sex only within marriage" an idol?

    @L8dyluck. . . . . Believing sex within marriage is not an is a command from God not to commit sexual sin (fornication). Their are scriptures that tell believers to do just that. 1 Corinthians 6:18 (Message Bible)..."We must not pursue the kind of sex that avoids commitment and intimacy, leaving us more lonely than ever—the kind of sex that can never “become one.†There is a sense in which sexual sins are different from all others. In sexual sin we violate the sacredness of our own bodies." Hebrews 13:4 (Message Bible) "Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex". Their are more scriptures that warn us as believers against the dangers of sex outside of marriage....these are the two that really show how God truly regards how sacred sex is & the only place for it to be expressed is in marriage. I truly hoped this has help clarify it for you!
  4. My Passion. . . . . . . .

    @Josh. . .total hilarity!!! Even you can be a pro in the kitchen! With a few basic tips. . . and you got it! Vince. . . . . A bowl of cereal does not a recipe make.. Lol! But, its a start! Chris~ flipping an omelet is with the wrist, make sure that the omelet is folded well & not sticking to the pan. Move it around in a circular motion while holding the pan off the heat. If it moves freely then your good. Now, jiggle it to the forward end of the pan. . .then flip your wrist with a quick upward motion, as if your scooping up something. It should land toward the middle back of the pan.. And Voila!! A flipped omelet! Chopping vegetables. . . .it kinda depends on what your cutting...if its an onion (yellow or white), this is the best way; first cut the end that does not have the roots on it. Now, turn it up on the cut end. Slice it down the middle through the root end. Lay it flat, then cut though lengthwise from roots to end, then make two cuts horizontally a 1/4 of an inch a part. Be sure to keep you fingers back when making the cuts. Now cut straight down (vertically) until you reach the root end of the onion. You have just diced an onion!!! *their will be a few tears!* Giggles! The differences between a soup and a sauce is simply.... A sauce is usually a reduction of wine and or liquid your dish was cooked in..its normally cooked down to intensify the flavor & finished of with a little butter it give it glossy smooth finish...its usually spooned over & around the meat, fish or game. Its not limited to just proteins. A sauce can on a vegetable dish or what ever! A Soup can be made from just about anything! Using chicken, beef or vegetable stock as the base, It can be creamy & smooth, cheesy, hot & spicy, chunky & hearty, thick or thin consistency. Made of all vegetables, meat & vegetables, made of all beans. . . .the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Its basically a entire meal in a bowl! Whew! I know its ALOT! But I hoped it has help Chris!!!
  5. My Passion. . . . . . . .

    Since cooking is what I LOVE!!!! I had an EPIPHANY!!! Why not have a thread for all your cooking questions, emergencies, recipes & tips!!! All you would be chefs, future mom's, wife's, husband's & dad's! Or if you simply want to become better around the kitchen. Impress a boyfriend or girlfriend with a wonderful home cooked gourmet meal! From easy to elegant, homey to wholesome & everything in between. And with the Holidays coming. . . . . I'm Your Girl!!! So please feel free to ask me any question! No question is silly when it comes to Cooking!!! Let the Culinary Experience Begin!!!!!
  6. That is something I would HAPPILY do! I've had that surname all this time. Taking is name is me being the other half of the whole. That is the moment I'm now under the love, care & protection of my Husband. We have become a family unit just as God set into now cleaving to him & he to me. SOOOOOOO looking forward to that! No longer an "I"....its now WE....
  7. This or That!

    Bad stomach ache/cramps....Any day!!! *sore throat & neck is the WORST!!* No Way!!! Hmmmmm.........Homemade Warm Apple Pie or Delicious Pecan Pie!!!
  8. Oh!!! I got one!!!! "Are you hot? Or is that the Holy Spirit burning in you?"
  9. NatureBoy!!!! This is my FAVORITE!!!! Love it! Giggle!
  10. Interracial Marriages

    Race is NO issue to me....What is most important to me is that we have the same beliefs & faith in God.....And our values & walk with God are the same....As Vince mentioned their can be issues with family members, society or friends....If you think about it.....even if whoever your dating wasn't from a different race their can still be issues with those I afore mentioned. That's why in the scripture it reads "a man should leave his mother & father & cleave to his wife...& a wife should leave her mother & father & cleave to her husband".....because they are now one.....a separate entity unto itself. As Rookiepilot & Vince said.....who wouldn't want the parents, friends, like their mate!! Sometimes its not possible....but in most cases they eventually come to see how Amazing that person coming into their family really is!!! Society has gotten much better with interracial dating & marriage....I see it so much more frequently now, living in the Midwest.
  11. Sexiest Accents

    OMG!!! I can't believe no one said ITALIAN!!!! Lol!!! I just LOVE the accent!!! Its so PASSIONATE & Temperature Raising!!!! WHOOOO!! Is the room getting hot??? Or is it just ME!!! Giggles!!! ; ) I also have a GREAT fondness for a Smart British/English accent......A Soothing Irish lilt...A Rugged Scottish Brogue... A Sensual Spanish tone.....And A Smooth Southern Drawl!!!! Its safe to say.....I Just LOVE the sound of a Rich Masculine Voice!!!! Giggle!
  12. Going Abroad

    HELLO!!!! ALL!!! LONDON IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! Going on an excursion to Stonehenge & Bath!!!!!!!
  13. Going Abroad

    I will definitely see those places!! Going to Convent Garden today!!! Sorry, *sad face* didn't mean to make you homesick! Giggle!
  14. Going Abroad

    Tomorrow morning I'm leave for my VACATION TO THE UK!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!! HOOOOOOO!!! My first stop is Merry Ole' England (London)!!! Next stop Scotland...then on to Ireland!!!!!! I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!! BEYOND WORDS!!!! THIS IS A DREAM VACATION!!!! (Or you say across the Pond! Giggles!!!) 16 DAYS!!!!!! I'm still taking Must See suggestions!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!! HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  15. Positive reinforcement for the ladies

    Read the article last night......I was absolutely impressed by her!!! She echo's how all of us ladies on here feel...I truly wish more women in the world really knew how valuable they are...And that they truly knew their self worth!!! God's sees us as his beloved....his cherished one! I realized that by reading The Song Of Solomon......a very beautiful love story in from the Bible.....not only does it represent the respect, awe & beauty of growing love, it also shows how he (Solomon) waited for her until their wedding day....and how he praised her for keeping herself for him....but mainly it show's how God truly sees us as women, how lovely, glorious & worth pursuing we are!!! If the man/boy you are with doesn't see you like that........Then you definitely need to show him the front door & let the door knob hit him right in his BUTT!!!!!