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  1. Choice Moms

    No, I'm not going to raise a child without a father. I really want kids but being part of a family unit is also an important part of that.I strongly feel that having a father figure is vital in a child's life and even though it's an unpopular opinion I think it would be a bit selfish to intentionally bring a child into this life without one.So no. If a family or marriage is not in the stars for me, I'll just go on helping disadvantaged kids which is what I plan on doing anyways (I want to work with orphanages.).
  2. There is no definite way of telling if someone is a virgin other than just asking them and trusting in the answer they give you. So it could be it was his first kiss or he was just anxious or you just didn't like his 'way' of kissing. If not just teach him or tell him what you didn't like about it but anyway the only way you'll know if he is a virgin or not is by asking him when you feel comfortable bringing it up or when you feel the time is right. Either way good luck!
  3. The sensitive guy. I can't stand emotionally constipated men.It's one thing to not show emotion around others but even when in a relationship? I don't see anything manly about that.I find it such a turn-off.
  4. Fast & Furious 7. It was an amazing film with a tearful ending.
  5. I'm currently watching Jane The Virgin and damn it's entertaining. It's a cute,fun,telenovela kind of show so if you like the drama in such shows you'll enjoy this one. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3566726/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  6. No I wouldn't want the clingy type because I would like a well rounded person. I want to be with someone with other passions and hobbies and his own friends; a person who has a life outside of us not to be at the centre of someone's borderline obsession. I've met a couple of such guys and it's all sweet at first until they lose their temper because you didn't answer their frequent texts or calls fast enough. Those kind of people have loads of issues imo and I usually steer clear of such people.
  7. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    Nope. I have never even thought of money when it comes to dating because what attracts me to a guy is his ambition and diligence not much of what he earns. So long as he has a passion for his job and has goals of where he wants to be in life,I'm okay. I aspire to be independent anyway and hopefully have enough to afford my family a comfortable life.I have no desire for anything else. I actually wouldn't mind if my husband decided to be a house husband or have a part time job (I would actually love it!) but I know I'm in the minority when it comes to this aspect.
  8. To be fair he was calling her worthless and disgusting and tainted. I think that's what most people were reacting to. I was siding with her too. I would be angry too for the lack of honesty and probably wouldn't marry them too because who knows what else he could be hiding if he was comfortable lying about such a thing.
  9. I thought it was way overplayed, guess that's why I came to dislike it so much. That's one favourites! Which part makes it non-romantic?
  10. 1st date

    No, I have to feel emotionally connected to someone for me to enjoy any sort of physical intimacy so even if it did happen, I probably wouldn't enjoy it which is why I usually take longer before diving in into the physical stuff.
  11. Favorite Horror Movies

    High Tension The uninvited Rec The collector Ils and The Others-not really scary but fun to watch.
  12. if someone asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement? I would definitely want one before getting married but given how offensive some people can take it to be, I don't know. Do you think it's selfish to want one?
  13. Ghosts

    I don't know, I'm confused on the whole thing. It's hard to reconcile the idea of ghosts with what christianity teaches about death and the afterlife. Both can't be true.
  14. Public school or Catholic school either one, I have no problem,even though the latter can mean $20k+ in annual fees which is just too much.
  15. Hello Everyone