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  1. Yeah, I got hit on by this totally creeper-homo. I mean, even if I was gay I wouldn't go for him, LOL. We were supposed to be discussing programming projects for my C++ class and he kinda just slipped in the "I've been checking out your body and YOU'VE GOT OPTIONS" comment. I was like 'WTH?!" I'm straight and I don't know where he got the idea that I would ever swing that way, LOL. Incidently, I was going through a real tough time (end of Ramadan and still dealing with a lot of emotional baggage from that last girl). Just really sucked that I could, without wanting it, get that sort of attention from a gay dude, but not from a girl I actually liked. He tried to play it off as a joke (I knew better) and that was the end of my ever working with him on any projects, lol. Anywho... See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  2. What kind of music do you like?

    Pretty much anything here...a lot of underground stuff like steampunk music (and not the usual steampunk stuff at that...dub, dubstep, jungle, drum and bass, world fusion, etc.) Plus tons of mainstream music as well. I do occasionally get the chance to promote underground bands/groups, as I'm kind of well known in the SD steampunk scene and am friends with a couple that runs a monthly steampunk event (I get to add tracks to the playlist and get the word out). I recently got the music for this British guy played over here, on the other side of the World. He was pretty happy, as people really dug his material... See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  3. Balancing Dreams with Reality

    EDIT: The 'crisis' has passed...maybe I took things too seriously?
  4. It's not really at the level of an addiction (I think you were referring to me), it's just a problem is all. I had a little slip up and wanted to 'nip things in the bud', before it became an addiction. And martel's advice makes the most sense, as it doesn't try and make one feel guilty or diseased (like so many of those site...and yes, I have checked them out). I hate using the term 'addict', especially for something like this, as it implies inevitability and that I'm somehow stained for life. I made the most progress by following the advice is a series of videos that approach the issue from an Islamic viewpoint, though martel is spot on, in my opinion (he says a lot of the same things in a sort-of common sense manner, which is good and helpful). @markb4: Yeah, that's the blocker I have. I'm not relying on it...it just helps during the increasingly fewer but at times intenser weak moments...like making me think twice or thrice, etc. See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  5. I see where you're coming from and it does make sense. I guess I'm just trying to make it easier during the downtime I inevitable have, in order to stay away from such things. It's not as hard to do so, as it was, say, a year ago, but seeing as I slipped up again, I still have work to do. Keeping myself busy is probably the best solution and it has worked in the past...it's just that, during times when I can't go out or keep myself busy, I tend to drift in the direction of this activity. And yes, creating more frustration will not help...lol on the chastity belt comment. Looks like I need to mold my thoughts in a certain direction? Kind of like self-programming/hypnosis?
  6. Well, having slipped back into an old habit (the one I creeped the New Year's Resolution thread out with, lol), I've decided that while in many ways the 'cold turkey' approach worked in the past AND when I had the inspiration of well, frankly put, being either in love or infatuated with a girl I thought (and to some extent still do) think as a chaste woman that I was able to overcome this habit and break it, I've decided to put certain measures in place, in order to kick this once and for all. While I'll never use the term 'addict', as it implies inevitability, I do feel that using an Internet blocker will help me overcome this and finally move on with my life. I used a random number generator for the password and came up with the rest on my own. I know this definitely isn't fail safe, but, as I am in this alone and really don't feel like dragging it out in front of my family, I'm doing this. It makes it extra hard for me to view various types of images, etc., as I have to go through the process of unblocking them, in order to view them. I've noticed that if I have that second or so to re-think these sorts of things (it's happened when my sister or other family member happened to walk up to my room at the crucial moment, in order to get my help with some task or just to talk to me) that I can toss aside those temptations. So, basically I'm screening various types of content and making it such that I'll see less and less arousing material and thus be far less likely to view anything that will lead me down that path again. I'd suggest this sort of a thing to anyone suffering from the same habit. Maybe we could find out if such a thing really does work and if it does maybe this will help others (especially those who are waiting till marriage) in overcoming this bad habit? See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  7. Hey You Guys I Just Wanna...

    Hopefully it's not too late for me to wish you good luck with the interview et al and might I also add... See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  8. @dulcexox: I personally think a woman getting educated and becoming financially independent makes her more attractive. I've dealt with my share of spoiled brats who have never had to earn a single cent that they spent and still expected the very best for themselves, carte blanche, as if they were God's give to Humankind (or Mankind, in this case, as I'm talking more so about 'Daddy's Little Girls' than Mamma's Boys). Of the women I've met who were educated and financially independent, the vast majority were far more able to appreciate the hard times I've been through and actually respected my perseverance or at least my attempts at it. Overall, due to their own struggles to 'make it' in the World, they were faaaaar more mature and understanding and in a lot of ways had less demanding personalities than the ones born with a gold spoon in their mouths, so to speak. So, whether you need to hear it or not, I'm all for women (like yourself) pursuing their educations and financial independence. Now, to get back on topic... I've considered the 'arranged marriage' option, but honestly, for various reasons, it wouldn't work for me. My dad kind of undid the ties I would've needed for that to even have a chance of working out (I'm actually kind of thankful for it, to be honest). I was born and raised in the US, being half Deshi and half American and all, so I never had the network required for that sort of thing. Besides, I'm culturally too Western/American and I've also seen that, as far as the 'arranged marriage' process goes, among Deshis and other groups, that there is a lot of lying about one thing or another (one's education, past, etc.) and judgementalism (the good 'ole 'He/She's not good enough for my baby girl/boy' nonsense). A lot of this is due to family and community politicking, which frankly speaking frustrates and annoys me. Getting married, if one so chooses to attempt such thing, can be a hard enough thing to begin with. Why add such drama to the mix, eh? Just my two cents...hopefully one of these days I might not be so pessimistic about the process... See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  9. What Are Ya'lls New

    @Mark and Sally: Yeah...after a year off, I've fallen back into THAT thing twice. Once at the end of the last year and once this new year. If it feels crappy after keeping away from it for 55 days, think about adding 305 days to that and then trip up. The thing is, I know exactly the reasons why I fell back. It has to do with that little voice in my head that tells me it's hopeless...that'll I never (and I know this sounds melodramatic...but it made waaaay too much sense to me at the times that I've slipped up) find the one. It's not so much the 'OMG, I'm gonna die a virgin' deal, but the plain and simple desire to see something that's remotely real and not images in my head, with no emotions attached to them. The only thing that gives me hope right now is that I got through a year without this, so I have shown that I can do it (i.e. abstain from such a thing). Just gotta get busy again and focus on the positives in my life. The really scary thing is that, sub-consciously it seems that I've begun to return to my old view of this as somehow normal...that I'm getting my fill through unnatural means (that I viewed as natural after a time in the rut i got myself into). I refuse to view myself as an addict (was away from this for a year, with stints lasting from a week to a month or more, before I finally made a dash for it and made it to the big 365...and then tripped right at the finish line, lol). If I viewed myself as an addict, especially at this point, I'd have even more fuel for the negativity that led me here, though I still do have this problem to face. Besides, I got into this as the lesser of two evils (either the PMO cycle, as some have called it...or it would've been fornication). I guess I'm still transitioning out of that phase of Life. Anywho, I guess I'll have to add this to my New Year's Resolution list, though secretly...it's the nature of the game, eh? I wish the both of you success in attaining this resolution, as it will seriously help in the 'waiting' part of WTM. @OneHappyGirl: C and C++ are computer languages, typically seen as the benchmark languages in the gaming industry (especially C++). Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you gain success as well. @Mike: Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully this change will help me, when facing my inner demons and help pave the way for a better future. And same to you, as far as the success part is concerned. See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  10. As a Muslim, I'm against them. Plain and simple. However, I can and do strive to treat people, regardless of their orientation, decently...so long as they don't do anything that's going to make me uncomfortable, lol. While I'll respect their rights and human beings and Children of Adam (pbuh), I can't condone this kind of behavior. There's my two cents. See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  11. What Are Ya'lls New

    1. Get enough of the C/C++ I took this last semester to stick in my head. 2. Learn enough Java to (combined with C/C++) develop my first Android gaming application (for the company owned by myself and a friend). 3. Master the Android application development tools and process. 4. Complete all the required courses for the prep for my major (Bio-Engineering and a minor in Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies) with excellent marks. 5. Start solidifying the network of biotech industry professionals and professionals-in-training, that I will need when it comes time to make the next move in my career plan (start a biotech firm). 6. Get back into the swing of things with regards to fencing (foil and epee). Not sure what else for now...I'm sure a couple of them are tall orders and will carry over into future years, without a doubt. See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  12. where do u meet single waiters

    Meetup's alright. You get e-mails alerting you to groups in your area that are geared toward people with similar interests, etc. So, it's a good site to network with. See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  13. I appreciate the distinction in the polling choices. Sadly, there are people who are virgins but merely want to throw it away (even if you ended up marrying them). They're the kinds that get a taste for the act and then proceed to run around after it, even if that mean cheating. Besides, they're kind of 'snakes in the grass'. Hence, the 'Also WTM' choice is relevant. Funny to see that this thread WASN'T started by Mark, lol... See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh
  14. Yeah...I've found a bunch of girls who are WTM...but they (mostly) live on the other side of the World
  15. On a side note, I just realized that my personal acronym for WTM sounds like the word 'victim' XD. But, yeah, OkCupid is nice. If I could somehow navigate the world of dating Muslim girls, I'd have it set, as far as having a decently sized dating pool, as I have found enough openly-WTM types on OkCupid recently, thanks to the types of questions (some with 99% match/compatibility ratings, lol). Anywho... See ya on the flipside, Tempest Desh