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  1. The website?

    So the website is down? I remember initially coming to the site a few years ago and the website was up but for some reason I couldn't register, a couple months later the website went down. But it appears the forum is still kind of active. What happened with the website?
  2. Hi, 28 year old vegan white male virgin here. I'm just going to list a bunch of stuff I am/am into. -atheist -anime -animal rights activism -non drinker/non smoker/no drugs -health -minimalism -immortality/life extension -renewable energy
  3. "We Waited" website

    I'm currently trying to register for this site, but in the first part of sign up it keeps giving me the state/province spot to fill in twice and the second one always says invalid location and so I cant move on to the next step. Any new news about this website? I sent them a message two days ago and haven't gotten a response back yet. And their facebook page hasn't had a post in like 9 months. Hopefully Ill get a response back soon.