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  1. Celebrity Crush?

    Vin Diesel. Despite the aggressive alpha male roles he plays, he's actually very humble and down to earth in real life. He doesn't throw his personal life out in the media like a lot of celebrities do. And the voice, of course. Really love his voice.
  2. Celebrity Crush?

    Leigh Whanell, Simon Baker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Rickman.
  3. Fictional Crush?

    Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers. Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. Riddick from Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Adam from Saw.
  4. Alcohol/Drinking

    I don't have much of a taste for alcohol. Beer, wine, champagne... it's all pretty bitter and nasty to me. Once in a blue moon, usually when I'm on a vacation, I'll have a mixed drink with dinner, something sweet and fruity so I can't taste the alcohol in it. Never been drunk and don't plan to ever do it. I grew up with an alcoholic and have seen first hand the effects when taken in excess. Not appealing at all. I want to know I am in control of my mind and body at all times.
  5. I am in full support of gay marriage and equal rights across the board. It's my hope that it becomes legal nationwide at some point in the near future. Some food for thought, if anyone's interested:
  6. Suggest Songs

    Angel of Mine by Monica
  7. Reincarnation

    Reincarnation is something I have believed in for a very long time. Its always made more sense to me and is one of the many beliefs I have about the soul that has obliterated my fear of death.
  8. I wouldn't mind dating or marrying someone who is bisexual. As for polyamory and open relationships, that's a no.
  9. Suggest Songs

    Not Like The Movies by Katy Perry This song always makes me feel a bit sad and hopeful at the same time.
  10. Pet Names

    I'm down with pet names, as long as it's not something corny like Googly-bear and Smoopsie-poo. I don't have a problem with babe or baby but I don't like the idea of a couple name. That seems a little ridiculous to me, lol.
  11. Favorite Internet Personality

    Who's your favorite internet personality? Mine? MK. Guy is hilarious. Adore his 'MK Loves' videos.
  12. Favorite Stand up Comedian?

    Jeff Dunham, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart, Mo'Nique, Gary Owen, Bo Burnham, Aziz Ansari, Jo Koy...There are many, lol.
  13. Who did you want to be when you grew up?

    Character-wise, I also fantasized about being a Power Ranger (Yellow Ranger!), or a super hero of some kind (Batgirl mostly). And getting a letter from Hogwarts too! Ah, secretly, I wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer! Profession-wise, from elementary school to high school I wanted to be a doctor, an obstetrician actually. In high school, I at first wanted to go into computer science, then I decided I wanted to be an artist- a writer, a painter, a sculptor, a photographer...all of it. That still remains my dream today.
  14. Wedding vows

    Definitely personal vows, though I think some things from the traditional ones always need to be said.
  15. What kind of wedding would you like to have ladies?

    To be honest, I don't want a wedding. I've always felt it was a very private thing, to promise yourself to someone for the rest of your life, saying those special, intimate words to one another. I've never wanted an audience for that. My dream? Well, that's something I'm not willing to share, sorry! But I can assure you, I don't have plans for that day to be like any other. If having a wedding was something very important to him, than we'd have to compromise somewhere, and I'm okay with that.