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  1. Giving up..so close..

    I honestly feel like giving up on waiting. In a few days I'll be another year older and I don't see myself getting any closer to any type of ring. I already don't get much attention from guys and that attention evaporates even quicker when expressing how much I'd like to wait until marriage. It just does not feel like the one who is going to care for me and commit to marriage first before my body is out there. The trail is most certainly cold for coming across another compatible virgin wtm. I'm losing hope to say the least. I almost feel as if I just want to be normal, have a relationship with someone, and live life, I feel like a new doll in a box who is supposed to be the perfect gift for some deserving person..but that person hasn't walked in the toy store to claim me. I'm full of dust and I keep turning down everyone for that person who seems like is never coming...but I'm ready to get off this shelf and out this darn box already. Perhaps it sounds silly....but I'm tired of an affectionate less lifestyle...anyone else questioning the wait?
  2. new virgin here

    Wow, you're such an inspiration. I agree 100% about being "helped" to stay a virgin. Welcome to the site. Glad to have you.
  3. Lol. I've seen some of your posts I'm sure there's more on your heart than Hi.
  4. Weird Thing About You

    You should hear my dog and cat impersonation. Sometimes people even say "I heard a dog/cat". I've even lured cats meowing at them Lol.
  5. Weird Thing About You

    I do that as well, if it's the last item..I don't want it. xD Plus++ + I dislike odd numbers. If the TV volume is on an odd number it annoys the crap out of me until I can put it on an even number. Phew + I smile all the time if given a reason..or not + I have natural energy highs you'd think I had ADHD + I dislike being touched...unless I'm doing the touching Lol + Hate being stared at + Don't like being the last person to fall asleep in the house at night..why? If someone comes in..I don't want to be the one to have to deal with the intruder xD + I'm a pimple popper..not mine yours..kill them! Lol + I also have reoccurring dreams that are much like mini movies..I'll have the first part of the dream..the next time I have the dream i'll re dream the first part exactly the same..and there will be more of the dream added on..I'll keep dreaming each segment of the dream until the dream completes...and then the dream will disappear forever.
  6. Suppose you were given the opportunity to send a telegram to your future husband/wife. You only had 10 seconds to record your message. You're not allowed to tell them your name, where you are, or give hints on how to find you. What would you want them to know at this very moment... what will you say to the future love of your life? It can be as serious or silly as you choose to make it, but remember this is your only chance to speak to them until the day you unite. In my fastest speaking voice possible...I'd say something to the effect of... I'm still here still waiting...enjoy life..don't get TOO CRAZY...stay strong...when you think life is out of love to give remember the love I have for you is limitless...be ready for us you handsome man..love ya... =p
  7. Which would you rather have on a guy?

    So very true. I can really get lost in a nice voice to the point where his looks hardly matter.
  8. Introvert or Extrovert?

    I know right. People have assumed the same about me. There have been times where I have went off and had to put someone in their place and people would say "What you said that?! Are you Okay? Calm down!!" as if I was having some kind of mental break down and my speaking up for myself was out of character. As they say never judge a book by its cover. The brief article I read on introverts pointed out that they internalize things more and think before they speak, so just because a person goes for awhile without speaking up doesn't mean they have nothing to say...they are just building a case.
  9. Video Models

    It's a use and abuse relationship. SOME men use money to get what they want from SOME women...and SOME women use their bodies to get what they want from SOME men. Its a vicious cycle that will never cease because one or the other will always strive to get what they feel they need and/or want. It's as simple as that. Is it sad? Yes, but everyone is to blame and until one stands up and stops the madness and ceases to use and abuse..the cycle will continue...this cycle has been going on since the beginning of time it's just not in Hip-Hop Urban culture it's everywhere to some extent.
  10. I do agree that self worth should not fall on your sexuality/ sexual history. Like the portrayal that guys are worth more if they have more partners and women are worth more if they have less. Your sexuality should not be the first and only thing reflected on when it comes to who you are as a person. Its sad that people gauge one another off their genitals instead of their hearts minds and souls.
  11. Having Pets :-)

    Aww I'll baby sit! I've had all kinds of large breeds but I want to try smaller breeds now.
  12. Having Pets :-)

    Love dogs and cats! I want a Parrot, a ferret, a rabbit, a chinchilla (someone bought me one but unfortunately I had to relocate =[ ). I'd like to have a mini furry petting zoo apparently. I'm not into reptiles and slimy creatures though.
  13. Realization

    I so hope that isn't true. HAHAHA
  14. Introvert or Extrovert?

    It depends on the situation. On the norm I'm introvert minding my own business and moseying about but when I'm around those I'm comfortable with my extrovert side comes out. Also if I'm around those who are more introverted than I, I'll take up the role of extrovert to break the ice or help others especially in customer service. I like to have both honestly. Definitions I browsed...Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people. Basically, an extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people.
  15. SO what are you Saying?

    A few quick ones off the top of my head. Don't let your mouth write a check your butt can't cash. Begin with end in mind. -From the 7 Habits Book Make it a great day or not the choice is always yours. -General Shoemaker