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    I never quite know what to write in these little boxes but here goes...

    I've always known I wanted to wait since I was younger and I presume that's due to the fact I watched so many Disney films where the girl meets prince charming and they live happily ever after. I think that's one of the things that became instilled into my brain that you fall in love with one person and spend the rest of your life with them, just simply loving each other.

    Although I'm certainly not that naive any more, I've had enough life experience to know that you can fall in love with so many different people in one lifetime and that there will be many many ups and downs-things change, shit happens, you just can't ever tell whether the prince is in fact just a villain in disguise...if anything life has taught me to hold onto my values all the more. All the messy romances and events in my life only make it more clear to me that I'm meant to wait on someone and there will be more than one person out there suited to me. It just depends on whether I'll meet them or not! Timing is what counts!

    I greatly look forward to meeting that Prince charming of mine one day but in the meantime...I am a British student studying at University and enjoy going to the pub with friends, working, spending time with my massive family, walking, running, travelling-All those typical generic things!
    Hope you enjoy whatever I post!

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  1. Suggest Songs

    Hey! I just thought I'd suggest these two songs, hope you like them! Bruno Mars-If I knew This song is perfect for the article about letting go of your partner's past relationships. The lyrics are really sweet about how Bruno regrets not saving himself for this special innocent girl he's now in love with and is asking her to forget his past so that they can be in love. Especially this line: I wish we were seventeen So I could give you all the innocence That you give to me No, I wouldn't have done All the things that I've done If I knew one day you'd come "If I Knew" Oh, oh, oh I, I was a city boy Riding to danger's where I'd always run a boy who had his fun But I wouldn't've done All the things that I have done If I knew one day you'd come Now baby, now baby, now baby, now baby Oh, oh, oh, I, I know it breaks your heart To picture the only one you wanna love In someone else's arms But I wouldn't have done All the things that I have done If I knew one day you'd come Now, baby, now, baby, now, baby Oh, baby, please Let's leave the past behind us, behind us So that we can go where love will find us Yeah, will find us I know most girls would leave me But I know that you believe me Baby, I, I wish we were seventeen So I could give you all the innocence That you give to me No, I wouldn't have done All the things that I've done If I knew one day you'd come If I knew one day you'd come Lauren Hill- Doo Wop (That Thing) This song is completely different as it's a rap asking girls to wait to have sex which is nice to have in the charts really. I think the lyrics are more powerful than the song itself but that's just me "Doo Wop (That Thing)" It's been three weeks since you've been looking for your friend The one you let hit it and never called you again 'Member when he told you he was 'bout the Benjamins You act like you ain't hear him then gave him a little trim To begin, how you think you really gon' pretend Like you wasn't down then you called him again Plus when you give it up so easy you ain't even fooling him If you did it then, then you probably f*** again Talking out your neck sayin' you're a Christian A Muslim sleeping with the gin Now that was the sin that did Jezebel in Who you gon' tell when the repercussions spin Showing off your ass 'cause you're thinking it's a trend Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again You know I only say it 'cause I'm truly genuine Don't be a hardrock when you're really a gem Babygirl, respect is just a minimum Niggas f***ed up and you still defending them Now Lauryn is only human Don't think I haven't been through the same predicament Let it sit inside your head like a million women in Philly, Penn. It's silly when girls sell their soul because it's in Look at where you be in hair weaves like Europeans Fake nails done by Koreans Come again Come again, come again, come again, come again Guys you know you better watch out Some girls, some girls are only about That thing, that thing, that thing The second verse is dedicated to the men More concerned with his rims and his Timbs than his women Him and his men come in the club like hooligans Don't care who they offend popping yang like you got yen Let's not pretend, they wanna pack pistol by they waist men Cristal by the case men, still in they mother's basement The pretty face, men claiming that they did a bid men Need to take care of their three and four kids men They facing a court case when the child's support late Money taking, heart breaking now you wonder why women hate men The sneaky silent men the punk domestic violence men The quick to shoot the s***n stop acting like boys and be men How you gon' win when you ain't right within How you gon' win when you ain't right within How you gon' win when you ain't right within Come again Come again, come again, come again, come again Girls you know you better watch out Some guys, some guys are only about That thing, that thing, that thing
  2. Yeah I agree that a guy should stick around because he loves her as a person not as just an object. Sex really isn't the most important thing in a relationship and that's what the girl even says. Because they waited longer they recognised how great everything else is first and how sex is just a bonus almost! I totally agree with this envincebal! I told a guy I dated about 2 years ago that I was waiting till marriage before we got into a relationship so that he knew what to expect and after a while into the relationship he admitted that he had originally thought I was lying and that I just wasn't attracted to him in that way and it wasn't until he got to know me better that he realised it was an honest and true decision! Englishguy-I know what you mean! I'm from the UK and you never see things like this-it's always more about sex tips and how to bag a guy rather than how to have a meaningful relationship! Exactly why I posted it
  3. If you try really hard you can read the man's opinion, sorry it's not a great pic! Anyway, yeah just to reiterate how great it is to see a magazine encouraging taking your time with sex! I was excited by it!
  4. Hey everyone! In my weekly magazine there was an article about how holding out from sex is actually a good thing for a relationship according to Cornell university in the US Although it isn't promoting waiting till marriage altogether it's really nice to see an article that's being positive about not having sex straight away and that mentions the long term benefits to the relationship. It includes a guy's point of view and a girls. The guy's, however, isn't so positive and is a little disheartening BUT it is only one man and the picture kept failing to upload so you can't read it just yet anyway! I thought I'd post some pics of the article in case anyone else thought it was a good thing to see Anna.
  5. Didn't mean to scare you!!! It's really not as out right as it seems! I admit that I have felt as if I was the only one not having sex and it was one of the main reasons for my post 'the fear' BUT people I share a block with genuinely aren't at it ALL the time, it's not like every night they go out to get laid and they aren't constantly talking about sex but I think they feel compelled to talk about it sometimes because it's often a common ground. Genuinely, most of the guys are very sweet and geeky and don't agree with one night stands. They either want a relationship or just want a fun night out with friends. They aren't all obsessed with sex at all. The girls I know aren't slutty in the slightest. I was lucky to be living with a girl who has had about 3 one night stands but she supports my wtm completely and thinks it's an amazing thing to do and that one night stands just aren't satisfying because there isn't any emotional connection. She simply enjoys sex and said she had her first time with someone she loved, she doesn't regret it and thinks it's definitely worth the wait. My other flatmate was also very happy for me. She was a virgin up until the other week. I feel sad that I'm not experiencing it and sometimes I feel like she thinks she's great now that she's had sex but whenever we've talked about it she said, it's worth the wait and she would never want to be pressured into sex just because everyone else is doing it. She always wanted to do it with someone she loved and trusted-which is what she's done. I may feel as if EVERYONE is having sex but it's not true. Too many people are really geeky and fail at getting with girls/guys for a start off You just have to watch out for the guys who are out for fun. It definitely helps to remind myself of all the friends of mine who haven't had sex yet and those who want to wait because it makes me feel much better about not feeling the pressure. I know people on campus who are WTM and who say they're not looking for a boyfriend they're looking for a husband. Someone who is worth getting into a relationship with. Trust me, I'm not surrounded my people who are having sex all the time. I'm lucky because I'm on the top floor in a nice flat. I don't hear anyone having sex, I don't see anyone having sex, it's fine. I think we only feel secluded when we let ourselves get wrapped up in it all. I get upset when I think I'm the only virgin in my flat now but then I remember, I'm not the only one on campus, for a start off I haven't even met a decent guy to give me the possibility of sex and I'm 19! I'm young, there's no rush, I know I'm doing the best thing in the long run. I don't want that stress. You have to focus on your own life and your imagination always makes everyone else's lives appear a lot more sexual etc. than they actually are! The only thing you should dread is playing 'I have never' It's the worst game in the world. Everyone always turns it into something sexual but I'm still there like 'I have never smoked...I have never been bungee jumping' haha. Don't worry too much! I had the same fears that I'd end up in a flat with horrible people who were really sexually active but I'm not and all the other flats in my building aren't either keep calm!!
  6. My friend showed me this a few weeks ago in her magazine!! She even comes from a place near where I live so she was joking saying that would be me eventually. I wasn't impressed!!
  7. I mainly just skimmed the previous posts so sorry if I end up repeating what others have already said. I've almost finished my first year at university and I haven't found it too hard. It depends how strong your character is. I was really lucky and ended up in a flat with people who really respect my decision to wait and although they've had sex before, only one of them sleeps with a different girl every week and seeing how little respect he has just makes me feel stronger about waiting because I never want to fall into that trap and become one those girls who gives themselves freely. Also, deep down, I've found a lot of the guys I know who do sleep around actually want something more they're just not mature enough for it yet. Guys who slept around a lot in their first year now want to settle down because one night stands just don't have the same connection. Most guys don't admit it but they actually don't all enjoy meaningless sex, they do it because they can and it's fun but then after don't always feel great about it. It's restored my faith in guys a lot more because there are guys at uni who want more than sex! They've opened up to me about it and it's been a surprise. I think the most difficult thing for me is seeing people I know who were virgins go out and start having sex. I feel like I'm missing out and they're growing up without me but then at the same time I won't have the worry of pregnancy, break up, STI anything like that so I feel much more able to enjoy my university experience without that stress. I can focus on myself, making life long friendships and just having fun! When it comes to nights out, just don't drink tooo much and you'll instantly be able to tell when guys are being man slags. Guys will come onto you in clubs, they will come over, dance and make a move but you've just got to surround yourself with your friends or dance with them a bit then walk away or just simply don't kiss them or lead them on and they get bored and move on. I can always tell when a guy just wants to get with you for sex or a kiss but I don't play into it. It annoys me too much that they think they can have me. It's mainly on nights out that you really see sex everywhere. Everyone is trying to get with someone but just enjoy the music and your friends and you should be distracted enough not to care. In the day, people talk about sex and one night stands but you just have to shrug it off and not feed into it. I find people never seem fully happy about sleeping around. You might even see that to be honest. They never seem fully satisfied and it always makes me feel better about my decision. I like being different and free from that upset of being kicked out of some random guys bed at 5am. Not worth it. Also, I got involved in the Christian group on campus and I've met a lot of waiters. I've never heard them talk about sex or be really crude. They're just an amazing release from the sex crazed world because you have a great time with proper conversations and have a really good laugh. Nice escape sometimes from typical uni conversations Hope my experience has helped you feel better about it. You really do just have to shrug it off. Expect guys are after sex in first year, 2nd and 3rd they get more serious and want more than sex. You just have to keep an eye out for the nicer guys, I've met plenty! And pray that you'll be blessed with a good flat. I know I was! Don't worry too much. Stay strong in what you believe and feel and you won't be sucked in to the madness. I have had an amazing first year without sex and I've made some lovely friends. I know couples who are waiting till marriage and they've met this year at uni so there is hope!!
  8. Video

    Also this one
  9. Video

    here is a cute video I found for hopeless romantics I guess!
  10. The Fear

    I do have some very good close friends who are really supportive of my decision and some who are even envious that I'm going to experience it in a good way and they have thrown it away on a drunken one night stand. I also know some people at university who are waiting and it's lovely. Even Christian couples who are waiting. It definitely helps to have friends with similar values but I'm not with them a lot of the time so not always surrounded by people with similar views! I guess it's just when they're all together as a group and talk about it in a derogative way. That is good advice. I'll just picture this next time! I've always thought this actually. I wouldn't want to do it with someone who I wasn't going to marry and I could never take that risk in just a relationship. It frustrates me when people say, marriage isn't forever nowadays and you can easily get divorced so what's the difference between that and a relationship? Divorce won't even be in my marriage vocabulary! You don't get married thinking, there is always an escape/get out plan. For me it's something that is permanent and I won't be marrying just anyone. They would HAVE to be for want of a better phrase 'the one' Yeah I need to look at is more as a gift that shouldn't be given to just anyone because I feel I should do. Thanks guys.
  11. Sorry in advance for the length of this and if I begin to ramble I'm sorry! This was discussed in Claire's latest article for this week but I can relate to it a lot and just thought I'd see if I could get a bit of a discussion going with it. A lot of my closest friends have recently got into relationships and lost their virginity. I feel as though everyone is growing up and getting a taste of something I can never try and being at university I'm constantly surrounded by people who are having sex or talking about sex. I only know a couple of other waiters but because 2 of the people in mind are my closest friends here it has had an impact on my views of waiting till marriage and has brought fears into my mind. I can't stop thinking about whether it is possible to wait till marriage, whether it is wise to wait until your married and whether it could ever work. A lot of fear has taken over me which is what Claire was talking about in sexless in the city. whenever any friends of mine lose their virginity my first question for them is "is it worth the wait?" I'm terrified that I'm holding out for something that will be a disappointment, especially when we're surrounded by a culture that doesn't see it as anything special. To most people it is just a bit of fun and an act of pleasure so doubts come into my mind. It upsets me to talk about it with friends sometimes because the way they speak of it essentially puts down my values and everything I've always dreamt of having. When it has been a lifelong value, it hurts to have people push it aside as if it isn't anything special. Her reply was "it is definitely worth the wait and if I had done it with him straight away it really wouldn't have been as good as it was with the emotional connection." this gives me some confidence because I know that a lot of people say there is a big difference between one night stands and having sex in a loving relationship. It is much more meaningful and you really are 'making love'. My fear is that marriage seems like such a distant thing that needs a so many elements to be possible, will I actually make it that far? Will I find the guy who respects my values and wants to wait with me? Will I still feel it is worth being married first before having sex? One thing has always been clear to me. I only want to share myself with one person and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I've never really felt the pressure to have sex so strongly as I have done this past week and I think it's because so many people are experiencing it that I have started to fear my values and waver my opinions. With all this spinning around in my mind I had a very effective dream that made it clear to me that I could never forgive myself if I had sex outside of love and marriage. It was so real that I woke up feeling guilty, let down and devastated and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, has similar feelings or what they make of what I've said. In the dream itself I was in a great hall full of large double beds. My close friends were all telling me that it was about time I had sex too and in my mind I was thinking 'everyone else is doing it, I should just get on with it, get it over with and then all this stress of waiting will finally be over.' I got taken over to a double bed where some random guy waited. He asked me if I had a condom and if I was ready. I was literally pushed onto the bed by my friend and my heart sank. I was really going to do this and throw away everything I had worked for and hoped for my entire life. I was devastated and disappointed in myself. I was really going to do this and join in with everyone else. My friend pulled a curtain around the bed, I looked down at the condom and just felt something I can't describe but at that moment I woke up and realised that no matter how impossible waiting will seem sometimes, it is something I have to do. I have to keep strong and stick to it, I can't let the rest of the world get into my head and feel as though I'm missing out on something because I will be gaining something so much better than many of them will experience. The Joy and the pride I will feel for waiting is something that will be much more amazing than anything else. Not only will I get to experience sex with someone I truly love but I will get to experience that sense of pride, an overwhelming happiness in myself. i may currently have a fear of not finding someone but when I'm married I won't have that feeling of fear for the relationship as you would at this age. I'm sure if I were to sleep with someone now that I wasn't married to it would always be in the back of mind, that thought that if we broke up, how would I deal with it? I will be mature enough to know this person is who I'm meant to share the rest of my life with. My advice to myself and anyone else in a similar predicament is to keep positive and focus on the benefits of waiting rather than everything that is going on with everyone else. Got to try and feel happy in your freedom from the stressful constraints of a young relationship. Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Not sure if it even makes any sense but I haven't posted in a while and I thought this might be an interesting contribution to the forum!
  12. First Kiss

    It's not something to be ashamed of! I totally understand! I've wanted to do it a lot of times just so I could see what it is like or to feel wanted and be touched sort of thing but then whenever it came down to it my head kicked me into touch and I get really grossed out at the thought of it and wimp out haha. Plus, I'd rather not be that girl to them. The annoying thing I've found though! When I like a guy I know but they don't know it, I'll dance with them but I won't kiss them because I'd rather know they liked me back first because i find it scary! someone else goes and kisses them on another night out and then they end up getting together or talking a lot more afterwards! I feel annoyed with myself then that if I had been the one to kiss them then they'd have ended up liking me not someone else. Have you ever had that? Yeah, I think I've definitely rushed the physical stuff with every other relationship I've had and it's why its never felt right but this time I'm not as terrified about having feelings for someone because we got to know each other really well beforehand! I also told him i was waiting a month or two before we even kissed but it definitely helped that he was a shy guy because he had plenty of chances to kiss me but was too scared to go for it and I'm too shy to go for it too! You clearly have amazing willpower to be able to wait so I'm sure you can hold of kissing an extra couple of weeks to really get to know them first and build more of an emotional relationship and a friendship. It's hard if there are lots of opportunities to do it though. I tended to turn my head and distract him or just start chatting about something else so he couldn't go for it haha.
  13. First Kiss

    I tend to wait until I know I have a good connection with a guy and that it could go somewhere to kiss them which has usually been after a couple of weeks of talking and dating. Ideally, I'd like to wait a long time and until I have strong feelings for them and know it would be a lasting relationship but since I had my first ever kiss (which i saved for a romantic and special moment and special person) I've been a lot more easygoing about it and haven't waited as long as I'd have liked when I've been dating someone and I've always felt from there it kind of spiralled and rushed from step to step...i.e. relationship etc. when there wasn't enough of a connection. Since I've been kind of dating the guy I talked about in another post we didn't kiss until about 3 months! Which has made it sooo much stronger because we had a proper grounded friendship before anything romantic I also never kiss random guys at parties or in clubs because to me kissing is still a special thing that I like to do with someone I care about and I'd like the guy to care about me! I've had the opportunity to kiss random guys but I always felt like it was a bit seedy because I know what they want and I'm not the type of girl to give it them so why should I? Do you know what I mean? Sorry if that was a bit of a ramble! How about you Sally?
  14. First Dance!

    Definitely loving unchained melody seeflo! Haha I do I'm a believer but I'd want to slow dance! Be funny though! They're nice OHG
  15. First Dance!

    Probably something really classic by Frank Sinatra or an oldie song. I adore all the oldies and totally think I was born in the wrong era!! Here is one of my favourites ...