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  1. I'm going to be starting pre-marriage counseling with my fiance at his church. He's Christian and I'm jewish. I don't follow most jewish holidays or anything like that since I was not brought up religious but I really do not want to convert. I do go to church with him every Wednesday because he wants me to do AND I do find it very interesting so I don't mind. He is fine with me never converting - this is the topic we have spoken about right from the beginning and if anything, he wants it to be my choice but I am terrified that we will be deemed “unfit” to be married. And even know I know we are okay with getting married... I am just scared of them. I have never been through this, and don’t know anyone close to me that has. Any advice? Side note... it scares me even more because his dad, friends of the family, etc. always tell him that we will be deemed unfit.