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  1. She's glad to be back

    Hi people, I'm Carolyn , 22, Christian and a virgin. So I was a member but was off for a while until I forgot my password so here I am starting all over again
  2. She's glad to be back

    Thanks Darren
  3. New Members-Girls Only

    Is there something I have to do to have an access to the GO??
  4. She's glad to be back

    Thanks Axel. It started when I was 14, had boyfriend issue with d parents u know they have this zero tolerance to it.. (Its an African thing) then I decided to wait till after high school Coz d pressure won't be much. Shortly before my eighteenth birthday, my boyfriend was ready and I wasn't, we sorted things out and I realized I might not be ready anytime soon. I thought about d worst that could happen if i waited till marriage, The idea sounded old fashioned and I liked it so I started learning about it, went online and stumbled on this site. I was very surprised when I saw people waiting till marriage and I felt like this is what I was actually waiting for all along, that was when I decided to wait.
  5. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi, I'd like access to d girls only please