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  1. I've always dreamed about my prince charming coming in to my life. I've always dreamed of the things talked about in this forum. Finding my soul mate, staying abstinent until marriage and having an incredible together as an unbreakable team. Lately I've been contemplating if waiting is really worth it because most girls my age have done it or are planning on doing it in university and with the horrible marriages (especially my parents), failed relationships and "men are trash" testimonials I don't want to be naive and unrealistic in hoping that I will find the one who is meant for me. And I'm really ashamed of this but I fantasize about sex with who I'd like to think is my future husband a lot and then I get frustrated because I feel like it will never happen. I REALLY WANT TO MEET MY SOUL MATE AND KNOW THAT HE LOVES ME FOR ME BUT I'M LOSING HOPE THAT HE EVEN EXISTS