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  1. How is this Site STILL standing?

    i have no idea. i've been looking for alternatives to this site and haven't found any. kind of sucks
  2. I agree with the above comment. Kind of painting your wife as a trophy and really limiting your potential dating pool even further. And I remember the same topic... She seemed like a nice girl :/. If she doesn't have X in common with you who cares? That's the fun of it. Might even find you like something she likes if you step out of your comfort zone. I don't know how to say this without coming off as a jerk.. ever consider the problem is you? You seem to self pity a lot and I don't think any girl would want to deal with that (not even mentioning your trophy wife standards). It's amazing what a little self confidence could do for you. Try working out your own problems first man
  3. What qualities are you looking for?

    Well.... Number one she has to be a woman. You know I'm trying to come up with a joke for this that wouldn't offend some people and I can't seem to... Whelp 2) religous views: atheist, agnostic or wiccan 3) a love of horror and the macabre 4) someone that practices abstinence till marriage.She doesn't have to be a virgin but... 5) she cannot be a complete drama queen. 6) likes anime 7) is very very very weird. Normal is scary. I don't like normal 8) OH AND SHE WEARS BLACK CLOTHES 9) does not listen to country, rap or anything that could go on 107.7 10) Must. Like. Handholding. This is a requirement. 11) Must be willing to take the relationship slow
  4. Guys. Make-up or natural?

    Oh lovely! Judging by the comments I get to be the first weirdo <3. I am not a fan of typical makeup... This being said I do like makeup when it is done a bit different. Stuff like this I like. Stuff like this I cannot stand. Corpse paint is also acceptable
  5. my hair. it took awhile to get it to grow out but it was worth it when it did. i ended up dying it black recently and i love it
  6. following the yellow brick road

    haha thanks! im not aware of a road with that name but you never know
  7. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    err... no... just no... ew. short answer: teens are not mature enough to make decisions like this. teen years are very confusing etc etc etc and i hope to god most parents would not consent to something like this the 25 year old needs to realize that. but the creature is probably too wracked with self pity to admit there's a slight problem in dating someone from that age bracket. would put money done he or she derives self worth from relationships and is trying to fill a void.. aside from my biases.... i doubt the creature likes the adolescent for his/her personality. a twenty five year old and a 16 year old are not going to have a whole lot in common. and even a 16 year old will grow tired of this person's crap and will leave the creature.
  8. Fears and Phobias

    intimacy. really makes the whole waiting till marriage thing easy
  9. Why do guys do this?...

    i apologize if it seemed i was referring to you on the clothing bit; i was not referring to you, but was generalizing some members of the population.
  10. Why do guys do this?...

    i have never seen that happen, but situational awareness is not one of my strong suits. though if i had to take a guess it is more of a subconscious thought. sex has become the predominant force controlling relationships for most people (obviously this does not apply to everyone; sites like this would not exist if that were the case). to be straightforward, there is no strong connection before intimacy takes place. physical attractiveness (as shallow as it is) take precedence in finding someone to court. i have heard plenty of men talk about a woman's physical appearance, but i rarely hear talk of how nice and funny she is. though to be fair to them if your'e looking for romeo you probably shouldn't dress like you are looking for... was going to insert the name of some rap artist but i don't know any.... any-who, i am guessing it is 1) because they find you physically attractive 2) they will not (or perhaps some of them would sleep with another woman if given the chance) sleep with another woman. they instead push whatever they are feeling in that moment onto their spouse. PS i tried to be the least bit of blunt i possibly could so hopefully you'll be able to translate
  11. why do i treat sleep like it is a social construct?

  12. following the yellow brick road

    heyo. glad to be here
  13. drugs, smoking, and drinking. i suppose you could say i abstain from normalcy as well. if i have not said or done anything peculiar for twenty-four hours assume aliens walk among us and i am now one of them
  14. i had no idea what to set as the title and was going to go with "im not in kansas anymore..." but thought people might think i was saying i had moved from kansas. so i am new here. hello. i like metal which i am told is a bit odd. seeing a metalhead wearing a purity ring. (not sure what more to say. message me if you want to) enclosed is a picture of a badass rubber ducky; you may have the picture. you're welcome