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  1. Traditional. I often question why I was born now instead of 100 years ago. The traditional lifestyle sounds like a dream.
  2. Timing is Everything

    Awe, okay. That makes all the sense in the world. It can be blinding -- wearing rose colored glasses.
  3. Timing is Everything

    I find that very interesting. Why aren't you interested in falling in love?
  4. I found this site searching for the impossible (at least I believed it was impossible to find others that shared my conviction for WTM). Turns out we're not alone! It's too bad we're scattered around the globe. If we were closer, I would love to meet you guys in person. I picture lifelong friendships. Seriously, you guys seem like "my people" if that makes sense. I also realise this site will be taken down soon... so, all I can say is that I'm thankful to have talked to those I have and I'm going to miss the feeling of belonging and connection this site provides. THEN Joined: Feb 2018 (28) Relationship status: complicated WTM status: waiting NOW Today: Feb 2020 (30) Relationship status: single WTM status: waiting... still hoping to find my forever
  5. Looking to Meet Someone

    Oh, that's funny! Okay, I'll message you on Discord since this site won't be around long.
  6. Looking to Meet Someone

    Awe, thank you Abc123! I agree. That is a shame. Where do you live? Cute hedgehog by the way.
  7. First Kiss

    I won't kiss someone I'm not serious about, but I do think it's romantic and could have all the same benefits of waiting till marriage.
  8. Looking to Meet Someone

    Hey, Queen! Thanks for replying. You're right. I've noticed it's a ghost town, too. I was still hoping, lol. I enjoy bachata, country, and hip hop. What about you?
  9. Hello everyone! I find it hard to meet others who believe in similar values, so I thought I'd give this a try before this site is taken down. Feel free to post something similar if you'd like to put your info out there in order to meet people, as well. A little about me: Age: 30 Gender: female Location: SLC, Utah Height: 5'6" Religion: Agnostic What I'm looking for: I'm single and interested in meeting guys from this site who believe in waiting. I'm looking for someone around my age (26-33 would be preferable), and my height or taller. Introduction: I'm a tv/movie junkie, music lover (top hits and top country mostly), and I enjoy going dancing. I'm close with family. I'm somewhere in between introverted and extroverted. I love animals, dancing, and my work (I'm a sign language interpreter -- mostly with these kids that I absolutely adore). If you're interested, feel free to send me a private message! I know this is pretty out there (especially for me), but finding out this website is going to be taken down has pushed me into action. Lol, we'll see how it goes. Take care, Julia
  10. What you love and will miss about the site?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I agree 100%.
  11. The website?

    It shows all these question marks everywhere for me.
  12. Do you abstain from other things besides sex too?

    I wish I'd found this website like... 10 years ago. Has it been here that long? I like seeing other people who wait for marriage and abstain from other things. I personally abstain from nudity, swearing, vulgarity, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and drugs. This can mean avoiding certain song lyrics, movies, places, and people I surround myself with.
  13. I’ve really wanted to find someone with beliefs similar to mine, but after years and years of searching I have started to wonder if that desire will end up leaving me lonely, and single forever. At the same time, I hate the idea of being alone in my beliefs forever. I'm conflicted. I think if the right situation presented itself, I would marry a non-waiter if he now believed in waiting, and he'd only been with a few women (in committed relationships). I do absolutely hate that, even saying that makes me a little sick, but it may be worth it in the end to be able to move on with life to the next chapter. I think it's situational. I 100% would be in heaven if I could marry someone who had the same passion and respect for waiting that I do, and I certainly know it would make a relationship easier. Dating and marrying someone with a different view on WTM can be a lot more frustrating. For example, being singled out and criticized from their family or friends. If both people were passionate waiters there would be a united front when it came to beliefs. That thought is enough for me to want to fight harder to find another waiter. I do want to note that I'm so thankful to have found a site where people share a passion for waiting. I didn't ever think that would happen.