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  1. Your Dream Guy !!

    I definitely don't want a guy intimidated by strong women,also being strong doesn't mean to put men down to feel less of a man.
  2. Relational Comfort and Shaving Habits

    I shave for myself because I love myself.lol
  3. How Can You Know if You Are Ready to Be a Godly Wife?

    God is love,only one father of all childeran
  4. How Can You Know if You Are Ready to Be a Godly Wife?

    What a strange comment.i don't think the king of Kings god made any boundaries to separate any one from each other and god.god has provided enough on this planet for all.one the most important words from the Bible is love others as I have loved you.maybe looking at it in the sense you are giving to these children of God you won't feel robbed?
  5. I would dream of a gym.oh yeah
  6. How Can You Know if You Are Ready to Be a Godly Wife?

    Speaking of being a godly woman, forgiveness is just one working in my heart.i am a work in progress,to me forgiving trump to me means I can forgive anyone,I also do feel he has done some things I can't feel good about like deporting brethern to a different country etc etc.so yes forgiveness has been on my mind for years.
  7. Preparing for better and against worse in marriage

    I will never be perfect only Christ was.I can pray to God for forgiveness for my backsliding.i can also pray for guidance wisdom and strength god works miracles.i can and have changed much only with God's help.i know nobody will be perfect we can only gently help each other pull the log out.
  8. How Can You Know if You Are Ready to Be a Godly Wife?

    Great food for thought.i been praying for ten years for forgiveness if not longer.i finally came to place hurt my eyes and heart wide open.i was able to forgive,I came to forgive trump.i am blessed with works in my heart about forgiveness it rolls of easy now and imidiatly.i have strong faith god healed me gave me strength to forgive.what a beautiful blessing god took that burden from us by telling us to forgive.
  9. Looks can be decieving. To say beauty is a certain standard limits beauty. A redwood forest is a different beauty then wide open blue skies tall grass.we can't live without beauty clean water ,pure air.i have heard it said beauty is a brick ugly is light as a feather.i know I have seen the brightest blue eyes do horrid things to others.i know there has to be qualities of the heart otherwise no chemistry will happen doesn't matter how handsome they are.
  10. Love isn't perfect or ideal.love is messy . love is seeing your lover for what they are imperfect and taking them at worst and best.when the butterflies have calmed down and life is in full throttle ahead,you then see the traits you find less desirable.we all have these personality traits.love is not giving up on your partner when they are at their worst.love is resisting the urge to jump ships when you see all aspects.until we accept who we are for everything love can't live there.
  11. The native American proverb:it's woman's job to bring man to his spiritual self,to help connect to source. It's man's job to make sure women walk the earth safely <3
  12. Random Thoughts

    P.s if it's showing it's evil rebuke it in the name of Jesus no joke
  13. Random Thoughts

    Don't be scared if you ever see it ask it if it has a body,tell it to go towards the light.some ghosts are lost. If it's a spirit to watch out for it will show it's violent or evil.
  14. I had an open mind when I was younger,I discovered what was bad for me.im older and picky now.what god has planned is far better then I can find on my own.my problem is I have a wild imagination and can dream up a guy who may or may not exist.i could be looking at the man if my dreams and not even know it especially on dateing sites.i can't hear their voice or see their talent just words on a screen and a picture.i bet we all just need to open up to God's plan he is the ultimate artist and knows what's good instead if trying on our own.i personally need to practice feeling with my heart instead of seeing with my eyes,after all eyesight fades but real beauty will be felt in the heart.