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  1. Net Neutrality.

    This truly saddens me. We won't let greed take over the internet. This is the only medium where I can be confidently express myself. I hope we have a better year this coming 2018.
  2. Road Trip

    I'm going on a 4-day road trip this holiday. I made an itinerary of places to visit and foods to dine in from California to Salt Lake, Utah. Right now, I'm just installing the new set of truck rims I recently purchased from 4WheelOnline and double-checking my other set of tires that I'm going to use on my trip.
  3. I want to die

    I'm very sorry that you have to go through all of this. I know how hard it is for you to accept what just happened but I want you to continue on living.
  4. I feel as I had no other chance than waiting

    Don't lose hope. I know the right guy will come at the right time. I know your post is months ago, but I wish you already found someone that can make you happy.
  5. I abstain from forcing myself to socialize with people that I don't even like. Thus, I became an introvert.
  6. I have a first-hand experience with this. Four years ago, my personality and hobbies are everything that she's looking for. We have so much in common. It's a perfect match if you would ask me because we love and hate the same things. The problem is that it was not me what she had in mind when she's looking for someone with the same interests. She had this vivid image of a guy she really loves to have but the personality is as close as mine. It felt unfair but I respect her ideal standards.
  7. Very inspiring movies

    I love "Wonder" as well after I've watched Pixar's Coco. Whenever I see Julia Roberts I remember her character as Erin Brockovich.
  8. Tattoos

    Not necessarily against it either. As long as it's visually appealing, not profane, and suits the person then it's fine for me.
  9. New member

    Thank you!
  10. Someone told me my eyes alone show so much emotion. It truly reflects what I feel. And because of that, I learned to love it.
  11. New member

  12. Well, it's really hard to find someone with the same interests and preference as you do. There has to be something that makes you and the person you're talking to click together. It's easy when you share some similarities or common interests, but in order to figure that out, you should pay attention to the person first. Find anything you have in common then break the ice.
  13. New member

    Hello everyone. After all the failure and mistakes on my part that made me an overthinker, gave me anxiety, turned into socially recluse, I've decided to wait. While waiting for the chance to get to know someone again, I'll do my best to improve myself in every way.