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  1. I am literally double your age, and just married the man of my dreams 3 weeks ago. Don't give up. It's worth it for YOU and your standards.
  2. Jerusalem has walls around it, still, to this day.
  3. Vegan Style and beautiful women

    I'm happily munching away on chicken as I read this post. Eat what you want, but clearly it's not "holier" to be a vegan, since Jesus ate meat.
  4. No I would not. Too much psychologically against you from the start.
  5. Does she have to be in her early 20s? You are almost 30. What if she's almost 30 or maybe a few years older than you? Does she have to be a virgin? There are things more important than if she's a virgin or if she's in her early 20s. Like her personality, demeanor, family, values, faith, etc.
  6. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    White European and proud.
  7. The website?

    I get weird popups when I go to the main website. I don't know :-/
  8. Pornography is poison and in many ways, more addictive than drugs. It is not fulfilling his sexual needs, it is perpetuating his addiction. Don't waste your time with this guy. It will only make you sad in the long run.
  9. Ah. I'm glad justice and mercy work in tandem. I have a hard time forgiving millions of people for sneaking into my country illegally and robbing me.
  10. You came to forgive ...Trump?
  11. Favorite saint of purity

    My confirmation saint is St. Amelia of Temse. She was consecrated to God, and Charlemagne fell in love with her and wanted to have sex with her, but she said no. He actually at one point broke her arm by trying to drag her away when she was lying prostrate in front of the tabernacle.
  12. Favorite saint of purity

    I love how this post went from "hi! Here is an encouraging thing! Who else has an encouraging thing to share?" to "Hey no offense but your entire religion is wrong, even though my religion came out of it. Here's some stuff you believe even though you say you don't".
  13. Sex is real life, and sometimes it's planned, sometimes it's not. You might be like..."HOLD UP...gotta brush my teeth". And that's ok.
  14. Past tense? What happened, if I may ask?
  15. Total Lunar Eclipse

    I went out and tried to see it and it was blocked, I guess.