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  1. Trouble uploading pics

    All you need to reduce file size, or to convert a pic to another format which supposes less size. I very like Filetypeadvisor as it not only recognizes necessary files and provides with detailed info, but suggests different tools for opening and converting, too.
  2. Mental issues...

    Can’t agree with the previous commenter. Depression is a rather serious disease, it needs medical treatment and professional help. Depression poisons one’s life, we need special support during this mental state, otherwise things will get worse. My sister managed to overcome it due to Canadian Pharmacy Online , but I still think one needs a doctor during depression.
  3. Female Body Hair

    I used to think that what I hate most in women's look is vulgarity and abundance of make-up and plastic surgery ( even men abuse it ! ), but now I know that it is definitely hairy body parts. It is disgusting, really, stop with that, guys.
  4. I think yes, we do
  5. Road Trip

  6. I obstain from coffee it used to be a strong addiction of mine