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  1. I waited for marriage. I had talked with my wife while we were dating about sex and asked if she had been with another guy sexually. I explained that I would have difficulties marrying a non-waiter. She answered that question by telling me that when she was a teen that she was raped. I understand that rape is not a part of non-waiting. It was not her choice and I had my own problems with this in my early years. So I could understand to a bit what she had gone though. After that discussion the subject never came back up before we got married. However, I never felt like she was telling me the complete truth. Well after we had been married for four years the truth came out. We had gotten in a fight and she told me about sleeping with guys (her boyfriends) before we met. I had a hard time with that and if it wern't for our young daughter at the time I probably would have left her. Well I stayed and swallowed my pride and relearned to love her again even with my hurt trust. I no longer felt like she was holding any more secrets from me and I learned how to forgive. Now fast-forward to the present, we have been married for 16 years and have three kids. For the most part I have felt like the waiting for marriage issue was gone for me. However, I work with a lot of guys and not one of them is/was a waiter. I get to hear stories almost daily of these guy's sleeping with a lot of girls. Most of these guys were doing it for pleasure or sport and not for a relationship. These stories bother me and it got my issues with my wife back. I talked with her about my feelings and she basically blows it off and doesn't want to listen to them. She feels like this issue was dealt with and I should be over it. I'm trying to get over it but this has been hard for me. I still love my wife and I plan on staying with her but I hate these feelings I have. I'm looking for help with this. Thanks