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  1. I feel so alone. I was raised in a Christian home and have always held the belief that I would wait until I was married to have sex. Unfortunately, I have NEVER met a Christian man who shared this same belief. I usually start dating a guy and then once I realize he does not share the same conviction as me, I end the relationship. Sometimes I find myself avoiding the topic and dragging the relationship on until he starts pressuring me, then I end it. I feel like if I didn't do it that way I would never go on dates or have relationships. I think it sucks that I am doing what God is telling me to do: i.e. wait until marriage to have sex, but he has NEVER sent anyone who shares this same conviction my way. I am getting old and 12 years of my dating life has gone by and I have not even met 1 man who shares this belief. This is VERY FRUSTRATING! Does anyone feel the same way? I would like to reach out to women in my church for support, but half of hem have children out of wedlock or did not wait, so their advice wouldn't apply to me. My mother waited, but she grew up in a different country and is older, she doesn't even talk to me about sex or relationships, she just gets mad whenever a man calls my phone (b/c of course she assumes he is going to tempt me). Talking to her would be pointless. I also see people on Youtube who are married and said they waited, but they are almost always NOT virgins, and/or they had sex at the beginning of the relationship and then decided to stop until the wedding date. I then think to myself who in the world can I relate to, because that is not my story. I am a virgin and do not want to have sex with my boyfriend or fiance. I want to wait for marriage. I feel like the other aspects of my life are in place, education, career, spirituality, health etc. So I wonder why hasn't God put a Christian man in front of me. Has anyone else had this same struggle?