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  1. As the title states...waiting for marriage is what I should’ve done. I had every intention on waiting for my bride, but I fell into the trap of lust. That was one of the worst things that I have ever done. Currently, I live in Tomball Texas, with everything that I ever wanted...a career, a degree a nice house, cars, no kids...but unfortunately...still no wife. I believe that falling into lust is part of the reason I believe that GOD has allowed me to remain single for so long. Im 41 years of age and I’m deep into the church...but still waiting. I’m inspired to write this letter because of the short interview that Wendy Williams had with one of her guest. The woman she interviewed is a virgin and is gorgeous, but her peers seem to continue to harass her. That’s rather unfortunate. I would marry her on her commitment to GOD alone...and beauty being an addition, but unfortunately I’m here in Texas...alone. For you ladies that are still virgins...wait. With GODs can be the most memeriable time of your life. Just wait...