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  1. Matchmaking by family

    Dear Guys, It comes up to my mind regarding matchmaking by your family. I have met some couples here got married because of their parents' matchmaking. Some have a happily marriage life and others not. I am an Asian and I am from a clan where matchmaking is popular. It is not only your family will be busy matchmaking you with someone, but also your neighbours. Thankfully my parents aren't into matchmaking. I would like to know your opinion if it happens to you. Would you guys accept it or not? Thank you.
  2. What does your purity ring look like?

    Where have I been? I didn't know there was a thing called purity ring.
  3. I will wait until marriage. I do not compromise with any excuses.
  4. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello! I am a newbie. I've joined for an hour and it seems I'll enjoy my time being here. I am 26 years old and I am still waiting until he and I pronounced as husband and wife (I haven't met him yet tho )