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  1. Hello, newbie here!

    You are welcome! And of course you are accepted here
  2. So.....

    @Jasmine23 Did I miss something? why the bye?
  3. @Dandy Lion I can understand your frustration and I can relate to your situation when it seems the only thing you are missing is to have a man in your life! I agree it is rare these days to meet a Christian guy who is willing to wait; but I also believe it is still possible. I will share my experience and hopefully it will help to you to keep strong: I am also waiting until marriage to have sex because as a strong believer I want to honor God in that aspect. My wish was to get married when I was 24....now I am 32, you can do the counting 8 years have passed and I am still here It is true that one day you feel down completely, wondering why God would let you pass through this hardship. But after feeling down, I always get up again believing in God, that He is faithful and He always rewards those who patiently/earnestly wait on Him (Heb 11:6). Sometimes I look back to see if I have done something wrong but I think I have tried my best (and still do) to meet new people and most importantly I have prayed and still do. I acknowledge that I am blessed to have a mother who encourages me. Sometimes I call her and tell her that it is difficult and that I feel down, and she always tell me 'I know you will meet the right person and I am praying for you!' I know it is such a blessing to have a praying mum! So I think the time to meet that right person is not ripe yet. We have to go through the waiting period and only God knows when it will end! I am always encouraged by this verse in Job 11:16 : "You will forget your misery; it will be like water flowing away". So once that man comes your way, you will forget that you ever hard to worry about meeting him. So be encouraged, the struggle is real but the rewards will be far better. Keep praying, keep the faith we are all in this together! Like @Siftastic said...try new activities either sport or something else you like that could make you meet new people, visit new places, look where you haven't looked yet and most importantly keep the hope that you will meet him one day!
  4. I know the girls too, I have watched some of their videos
  5. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    Virginity in a man would be a huge bonus for me, pretty huge! As most people mentioned already, the main point is the attitude behind choosing to remain a virgin. I am also a virgin by choice because I want to honor God with my body. But it does not mean that I have never had the temptations...oh boy the temptations are everywhere! But the strength of the heart and the self-discipline all for the sake of honoring God could make me fall in love with a guy who has those qualities. I haven't met one yet though, very rare these days. So, I do not expect my future husband to be a virgin but at least he should be a waiter, or at least willing to wait until we marry because I will never compromise on that level. I still hope in God that I will meet that special person though, willing to wait.
  6. So glad am not the only one attracted to vanilla! Being chocolate, I hope I will have a chocolate-vanilla swirl relationship/marriage
  7. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello Atlantis, I am 32 years old virgin too! Welcome to the website. Do not worry you are not alone Although I am still new too but I am glad I found this forum! Happy to have you around!
  8. Finding someone from church

    I will second what BlackRose said...it is not a good idea to go to a church just to meet new people, you end up disappointed indeed. so, if in your church there is no one of your age, here is one or two things you can also do: 1. Join a meetup group in your region, there are different groups everywhere...social groups to just hang out together or go to movies, groups for specific subject (like for developers, the toastmasters, or just gardeners ) you can check which ones interest you. They are good for meeting new people, making new friends and who knows what can come next. 2. To try online dating is good, although I think it can be hard to find someone who suits you but you can give it a try once more. I read in another thread here, someone suggested OkCupid; it is not a christian website but you find Christians there too. May be it is better than a Christian website because not everybody will be trying to act as a saint. However, I guess the majority of women will just be there to date a nice guy like you said. But I guess you can know who to talk to and who not talk too. The key message is just go out there and meet new people; and sometimes love comes when you least expect it! Keep praying and believing indeed All the best!
  9. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello am new here! 32 years and still waiting until I meet the prince charming!lol Anyway I am a strong believer and I decided to wait to honour God and my body. Anyone writing in August 2017? So glad to join this community!