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  1. I think you shouldn't view yourself in a negative light, and just be yourself. Trust me, I'm almost 25, I have done some modeling and I just got signed to a big city, I am in good shape, tall and everything and i might have kissed a few girls and had a long term relationship, but I am no better off than you. I still get insecure about my looks and the thing that you won't say, I still get rejected by girls, I actually have been through a lot the last few years with depression and loss and suicide stuff and death, real serious stuff, and so I am VERY unsure of myself and scared because of my problems and my mood swings and stuff. And I have girls think I am weird and lame and it makes me feel like something is wrong with me. Don't feel that you are less than because I'm sure there are people who look worse than you and are with someone very happily and there are people that are better looking than you and are alone. And also, I learned that the more you talk to people and find out about them, the more you get to know a person and not put them on a checklist of "do they drink, or are they a virgin, or are they blonde, or whatever" but you learn about the person and see if you want to be with them. It's hard though man, girls can be mean and think a guy is creepy when you are trying to be nice and it's hard, but I believe when the time is right you will find someone. That's what I'm so scared of, not being a virgin, but being alone and not having someone who I can really love and care for. I mean I could get on tinder and probably within this month lose my virginity, and you could too, that's not hard, what's hard for me is not knowing if I will ever find someone who wouldn't be on tinder and someone who would really truly care about me and love me and I her. My main point is I feel like there are so many things wrong with me that I am unlovable, but trust me, there is nothing wrong with you. I'm sure you are a nice guy! God bless!