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  1. Pre-Marriage Counseling

    Hey @melissa2587 it's really nice to hear a similar story to my parents. My mom is Catholic while my dad is Jewish. They raised me Catholic as is tradition to go with the mother's religion and because of her commitment to the faith he didn't really worry about us being raised right. I am so grateful to live in a multifaith family. It's so much fun to see both cultures and taught tolerance and love of those different than me at a young age. So don't worry about how your future kids might feel. I know so many people now who have mixed christian/jewish parents and they all seem to like it too. From what I hear it was difficult at the start for my parents, but it was well worth it. They found a very accepting priest to bless their marriage after about two years of just a legal marriage. You should be fine in pre-marriage counseling as I know for a fact most denominations of Christianity (especially Catholicism) have started to come around on that. If you have any more specific questions please ask!!!!
  2. Guys. Make-up or natural?

    @charlemagne first girl is highkey hot i like creative makeup too.
  3. My church does this! They have a pub trivia night coming up and since we have two priests they get competitive with each other
  4. Random Thoughts

    Yeah what I'm wondering is what your idea of a good protest is. Because it seems quite peaceful-and not extremely disrespectful. The act of kneeling is actually seen as honorable to me. Like oh mourn the death=kneel.
  5. Celebrity Crush?

    Yeah I understand same thing for me when people will say somebody from my brother's grade is hot I get weirded out
  6. Celebrity Crush?

    Yeah he's not everyone's type but luckily I'm underage so I'm allowed to like him
  7. Celebrity Crush?

    Ohh yeah I know him I don't really watch him-he still your crush three years later? This is my crush,isn't he a cutie? He's so talented and he's only 17 I gotta step up my game
  8. Celebrity Crush?

    Ok I'm moving this topic up. @Amber Elizabeth who was your YouTuber crush? Also mine is Declan McKenna he's just soo adorable like I can't stand it. I don't like "hot" guys, I prefer cuteness Sorry to remind everyone of their 2014 self
  9. Random Thoughts

    Yeah I have to agree with @Matthew here. They're not burning the flag they're just kneeling reverently as a sign to show their disappointment, because america is amazing and has to them shown injusticd. Now, of course there are hypocrites in the movement, but that doesn't mean the kneeling itself is disgusting. You ask for peaceful protest-this is the definition of it, people also get mad when violence breaks out from marches and such. We are allowed the right to protest, right? Then how are people supposed to do it without getting called unpatriotic when protesting is at the heart of American patriotism?
  10. Random Thoughts

    Ok I need to try those stat.
  11. Random Thoughts

    They have spicy skittles???
  12. New Members-Girls Only

    Wait just for clarity's sake is your name shasha or shalom? @Shasha
  13. Random Thoughts

    Oh, well that's exciting! Is it promising?
  14. Random Thoughts

    Ah. Did you have a boyfriend last time this was active? I honestly forget
  15. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi @-Anna-! We're close in age, it finally feels like Im not the only teen here. I don't usually dm people because of reasons but since we're both under age and girls, I'll make an exception. If you ever want to commiserate with me feel free!