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  1. Hi there. I wish to remain anonymous so I will call myself Bob. I am a 22 year old Complete Virgin Christian Male in my last year of University (Applied Math & Finance). Although my degree is very employable and although I have good physical attributes (apart from some weight gained from college which I plan to loose in the next year) I am slightly nervous about getting the timing right when it comes to dating. This has nothing to do with being socially awkward or inexperience in dating. The main reason why I have not been able to really commit to relationships was due a lack of time. When you go to school for a challenging degree you just do not have the time necessarily to invest into relationships. Plus I work to support myself through school. Where this concerns me for the future is that I am considering Grad School (after a couple years of working) and do not think it is manageable or fair to have a relationship while pursuing that. With this background to the question I wish to ask those of you who waited until your late 20s after you had done Professional School or any sort of extra training beyond an initial undergrad to date and get married how did you manage to wait that long? And what advice would you give to someone younger in that position?