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  1. Hello, Firstly, I'm sorry for my English -it's not my native language, and also sorry if I'm writing in the wrong place. I just need to comment, maybe not even receive a reply -at least I don't expect it, but I hope it is my mood... I'm a 35-years-old girl/woman and I'm about completely loose my selfsteem. I would like to know why a man can feel attraction of a woman, as I never felt so from anybody (I have never been asked for a date or somekind). I guess it's magic... Actually, I came to the conclusion that I don't naturally have anything feminine or nice in me; however I always tried to be positive, so I guess I'm writing cause I think that somebody may say something that makes me understand what I'm doing wrong. So I'm waiting, but of course not really because I decide to wait, but because I see not chance... And now I'm afraid because I think everyday that passes chances are less for me. Thanks!
  2. I feel as I had no other chance than waiting

    Well, thank you very much for your time and words... I really didn't expect it. Well, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong: 5 years ago I started to think about my situation and I approched some men, and finally was refused by them (even before a date). So it's clear to me... So may my problem be that, as you say, many people told me that I'm beautiful, honest and intelligent? But I cannot believe it, as I've even been travelling around the world because of my job/studies and nobody told me anything at all. I have to confess in principle I'm quite assexual or shy anout this topic because of some psichological problems during my childhood, but this is past and always thought I could find someone to share things, life, with. So I'm really sad not because I cannot find an "official" boyfriend, but just because I have no chance to try... I'm really depressed since almost a year now. I lost my faith, I don't know what to do; I don't even find something good professionnaly or something in me. Anyway thank you very much.
  3. Dating Site Mistakes

    I also agree: Fran├žois was not doing anything wrong. But it is difficult to understand. I have never been asked for a date and was refused. My family says I am a nice woman (not a girl anymore??), but it seems nobody feels any kind of attraction of me. Nothing at all -not even asked to go to a party, a get-together... I even signed up in a dating community and just received three messages (but I deleted my account, as I am now afraid of this topic). I may suggest to ask for something more specific, something you read in her/their profile and that caught your attention. (Or maybe I did not understand.)
  4. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello, I just signed up and joined this community. I'm Spanish, English is not my native language. However, I have been studying this language for many years now, so hopefully I will achieve you can understand me... Best regards,