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    You use such a fascinating and relatable way of speaking. Particularly here, I deeply understand the desire to enter the headspace of being far away from your own self. I always refer to it as "being sick with myself", I always want to get away from things inside me. Painful memories. Absurd, unnecessary or stupid thoughts. Vanity. Self hatred. Temptations. General garbage and distractions that my head is crammed full of. But, especially with my increasing work schedule, I find it much more difficult to enter that meditative and soothing headspace where I am far away from myself. The only ways I have been able to do so are by watching or reading stories, or coming to this site. I'd be quite grateful if you could tip me off on those ways you say you've found to remain more in that state of consciousness.

    *applause What a lovely story. I really love reading these.
  3. If you guys are anything like me, there's so much more to your interests in another person past just them being a wtm. It's sad to me that that's the only thing I can focus on these days, and that it makes my options so limited, with not much freedom to search for people with certain traits and personalities that I love. I'm curious about what things you guys would love in another person beyond them being a wtm/virgin/etc. Let's make it so that's not the only think we're forced to think about! Ladies, what things do you long for in a relationship, other than making sure they aren't going to pressure you for sex? Fellas, what things do you daydream about, other than a relationship where the girl won't make you feel like less of a man? Or in general, what would you love in another person or in a group of friends or community?
  4. Miseries

    I hope this doesn't come off as hateful. It's misery more than anything. My whole life I've felt entirely alone because peoples morals when it comes to sexuality are disgusting to me. I don't want to be near anyone. They make me despondant and intensely uncomfortable. Classmates, strangers, family members, religious groups, they're all the same in that they don't care for this virtue that is so important to me, crucial in fact, and I feel more and more crushed every single day to be so alone in my beliefs. Relationships have obviously been unfulfilling, mostly damaging, some even driving me to self destructive or even suicidal tendencies. Probably as a result of feeling isolated because of their different views, depressed by their sexual histories, and nervous by their desire to have sex with me. Most people tell me I must be asexual, but that confuses me, since asexual people do not consider me to be so. Also in general, I tend to disagree with asexuals on their morals too. Asexuals aren't necessarily WTM, and most celebrate liberal sexuality as much as any other. I just want to go on adventures and meet characters and exist without sex being in my face everywhere, and a thing everyone does, everyone talks about all the time, reminding me that I am alone, making me feel disturbed and heavy all the time. Last June I wanted to die. Suicide is never something I wanted to do, always seemed stupid and ridiculous considering I don't really have any problems, but something in me snapped one day and I ended up putting myself in a coma. I never even wanted this to be a big part of who I am or what I worry about, it seems so S T U P I D to talk about it and have it be such a big deal, (if you even CAN talk about it, because most people get insulted if you try or just end up making you feel even more alone, ridiculed, or perturbed.) The worst part is, there are SO MANY OTHER INTERESTS I HAVE but I can never open up about them or express them to people because this whole issue has to be so damn depressing, and instantly smothers any desire I have to connect with most people, even casually. I can't believe I am such a small minority. It's so disheartening. I'm entirely dissociated from society. Even in places for suicidal or depressed people, the general focus is ALMOST ALWAYS ENTIRELY about making people who are the opposite of sexually virtuous feel more accepted and comforted for their (usually really messed up) beliefs, and every time I've ever been to something like that I always left with a feeling of "wow, I have literally never felt worse." It's not that I even particularly desire companionship or a relationship or anything to do with people at all, just ONE environment I don't need to constantly escape from to stay sane. I don't even feel comfortable in church or youth groups. Christian people don't really seem to care about this virtue either. I really have no idea what possessed me to join this thing and write this. I don't know, have any of you who are virgins waiting til marriage experienced similar depression? I have never in my life encountered a single person who felt the way I do. The only wtm person I have ever known in my whole life was not a virgin and also didn't really have any depression or social anxiety around people who weren't. Ayudame.
  5. Miseries

    I don't mind at all. I love stories. In particular this one was really interesting, similar to the others on here, it was just so unique and something I never thought I'd hear. Someone relating to my grievances over society, that is. Stories are the reason I come here sometimes. Pm me if you have more.

    I wish the chat were working so it would be easier to keep up with you all. You make fascinating points and it leaves me comforted after a horrible day if I must go outside.

    I've never been more engaged by the comments. This in particular woke me up through the reading. It's hard to explain but I know exactly what he's describing. As someone who's generally very dissociated, I always claimed that it was because I was unable to feel what he described in anyone else. I don't desire any contact with humans platonic or otherwise, but honestly this could be the reason why.
  8. Bored like me?

    I can't get the password because I haven't been verified by the admin to go into the girls only room
  9. Bored like me?

    PM me I love strangers
  10. Bored like me?

    Oh yeah I noticed that. Anyone know why it's broken?
  11. Can't enjoy novels anymore

    I made a really similar topic. I relate so much with this, not just with reading but literally everything
  12. I think that's an interesting question and one I've thought of before. But I realized it's kind of silly to think of it that way. Because what do we fall in love with? An empty human vessel? No, we fall in love with people who we relate to and appreciate and respect and admire. So, if we ourselves believe certain things, and we find another person who agrees, we would fall in love for that reason. Same with anything else you might fall in love with someone over. That being said it's still possible to love someone who doesn't follow your beliefs. It usually leads to a lot of heartache and dysfunction in the relationship though, which is why I at least, would never want to date someone who didn't follow this belief.