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  1. Oh it was: Zorg: If you want something done, do it yourself. Yep!
  2. One of my favorites is "Wrong answer!" from Chameleon. One of the evil bosses would yell this if he asked a question and he didn't like the answer he received. My younger brother and I were giggling at it like crazy when we were younger. MUCH younger. Almost anything from the Beverly Hills Cop series: Axel: Boss, I cancelled the SWAT team. Todd: You what? I wouldn't raid a church bingo game without SWAT. [Foley hands the keys to his beat-up car to a valet] Axel Foley: Can you put this in a good spot? 'Cause all of this --- happened the last time I parked here. In the Fifth Element Zorg saying "If you want something done right, do it yourself", right before the spaceship blows up with him in it.
  3. Hi, recently joined

    Thank you red grapes. This site has been very interesting so far.
  4. Hi, recently joined

    Hi everyone, I joined recently. I'm 36 and still hoping to start a family of my own. Stumbling upon this site was a great relief for me. I thought I was the only one waiting these days. Now I don't feel so left out. A little about me: I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies which include rock climbing, mineral collecting, antiquing, walking, animals and nature, cryptozoology, stamps, dolls. Lol it sounds like Im interested in everything, I guess Im curious and can be a dreamer at times. I have a bachelors degree in finance if anyone cares. I'm located near St. Louis Mo, by the Six Flags.
  5. Atheist women on here?

    Haha that dog is sooooo cute!!
  6. Hi, recently joined

    Thank you JesSea.
  7. Hi, recently joined

    Thanks Syzygy.
  8. Hi, recently joined

    Thank you.
  9. I'd love it if he shared the same interests and hobbies as me but I would like a few differences as well. I'm kind of on the shy side so it would be awesome if I could find someone who was outgoing and more social. Plus I need someone to get rid of those pesky brown recluse spiders for me or we'd both be running out the door to abandon the house. If he shared my curiosity and sense of adventure that would be amazing and I'd have someone to talk with about cryptozoology, amusement parks, space, new discoveries, and a zillion other topics.
  10. Hi, recently joined

    Thanks. It seems awesome so far.
  11. I'm 36. I feel the same way you do. It's like everyone is already married and no one is single in my age group in my area. I've tried online dating, It really is hard.
  12. Hi, recently joined

    Thank you.
  13. Hi, recently joined

    Thank you.
  14. Hi, recently joined

    Thanks. Haha yeah rocks can be very expensive, but there are more affordable ones too. There are specimens for every budget. Although the best ones are the most expensive, lol.
  15. If he collected minerals or carnival glass it would be awesome! Because I collect those and dolls too. I think it would be wonderful to find a fellow collector and I'd probably be into his collection too. Now if it was old lawn mowers or something equally terrible I'd have an issue with it.
  16. What kind of bedroom do you want?

    My bedroom is going to be awesome! I like victorian decor and ornate details so it's going to be large and pretty with lots of paintings and porcelain. A fireplace might be cozy but I've never considered one before. I wouldn't mind having that first bed as I like the brand. Alas it's not victorian and its expensive. But I'd like a large bed in case I get dogs or cats that hog it. They love to hog the middle in a way that leaves no room. Oh and I'd love a beautiful (but small) crystal chandelier.
  17. How old are you?

    I'm 36. I still don't know how it came so fast but it happened.
  18. Kind of like clubs? Those could be worth trying out. has proven to be a lot of fun. Online dating has been horrible in my experience, but it could be my area.
  19. My search area is pretty big, probably too big. It's just really hard to drive to St. Louis for an event after working all day. I do need to get out more.
  20. I have been to a few events. Most of the single groups in my area have been deleted the past few months. Only two are left and one of the groups have people a lot older than me. It is much better to try to meet someone in real life. Most of the people Ive met that way are better than online.
  21. I'm on too. That's a fun website! I picked up rock climbing thanks to that site. And made a few friends here and there.
  22. I'm trying online dating too. And I've had pretty much the same experience. As soon as I give out my number the conversations turn sexual and then they bail. I've also had a lot of guys with some sort of serious pyschological/mental problems contact me. I'm on pof and its terrible. Everyone is telling me to get off that site so I'm signing up for Hopefully that goes better.