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    Hiking, jogging, rock climbing, horseback riding, estate sales, collecting dolls and minerals. Maybe one day on the water activities, spelunking, and ice skating.

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I'm not very great at filling these out so hopefully I don't mess up too bad. I consider myself an adventurous person with a lot of curiosity. My sense of humor is really great and I can easily crack myself up at times. I'm a really great cook and baker. So far I've been able to excel at making almost anything. I prefer cooking from scratch. Prepared food is no longer worth it. I have a bachelors in finance and I work in a regulatory department of an aerosol company right now. Oh and I love all animals and have a few pets. I do prefer dogs over cats as pets though. Unless the cat is calm and sleeps all day. I live in pacific,which is a few miles from Six Flags, but no one knows where it is. I'm just using St. Louis so everyone knows the region I'm located in. And I go there often. image.jpg