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  1. Why I Don’t Hug Girls: Part 1

    Hey! Just wanted to clarify. I wasn't saying that you shouldn't even consider marrying someone because they held someone's hand or hugged them. I don't even think you should write someone off just because they've kissed or had past sexual partners either. God can redeem anything! So, I agree with you. I would have a problem too if someone said they wouldn't consider marrying me because I have hugged a member of the opposite gender. Haha! I was simply saying, for me, hugs are a big deal. They're special. So for me, I choose not to hug. I understand hugs don't mean much to everyone though, and that's okay. But I thought I would stick up for the other non-huggers out there, and point out that there is nothing wrong with you if you decided to save hugs for family. I don't think it means one needs help just because they choose to save hugs for family.
  2. I Kissed Courtship Goodbye

    I'd say this is pretty good.