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  1. Hello everyone Well I'm new to this site. I read my first article on here about the 7 emotions you feel when finding out your partner's sexual past. And I found myself in that article and I agree so much with most things on this great site. I am 19 and a waiter, i've always been quite mature and I always had believed that having sex was only with the one person who is your true love. So I don't mind being virgin at all andI appreciate christian values and people who have some dignity and respect for their body instead of copying everyone else and having sex just to fit in and be popular. But recently I have been quite lost and confused. I met a 33yr old guy and he is a father of 3. He has never been married and had been in an 11yr relationship with his ex until she cheated on him. In total he has had 8 sexual partners. I really love him and we have so much in common. We really click and he's such a nice and sweet person. Before getting closer and our love intensifying, I had nothing against his past. I never even thought of it much. But now we've become much closer and his past has been bothering me a lot. Its all I think about. His ex and how they spent so many years together and had children together. I feel like a nobody. Like I won't be his first at anything,we won't have those first time feelings because he's already experienced most of it. I feel so insecure obssess about his ex. He's been very loving to me and I don't like to think of leaving him. But he said it was my decision and that I was free to go and find the one who suits me the most :,( My mum is not too happy about our relationship. But its mostly the 11yr ex and past exes that bother me and we've been having regular arguements about that a lot lately. Plus finding out he started at 14, drank alcohol, did drugs and had an abortion with ex really killed me. I'm so different from all that. But I love him so much so I've been ready to put it behind me. Though it hurts me sometimes and its stays on my mind. I'd like some advice please.