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  1. So there's this girl that's in one of my class that hasn't been coming to school for a few weeks Now. And when she came back on Friday she was late to class and when she walks into class i look and see her looking at me while she is walking to her Desk. But I just look away.
  2. You really think she likes me..but I don't know why the next day she said "i don't know why he looks at me " so I don't know?
  3. last monday I was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me while she was walking over to throw something in the trash can. Then later I was staring at the wall & when i look over she was Leaning her Head Against her Hand While looking at me & smiling. Then on Wednesday i heard her saying ” i don’t know why he looks at me.