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  1. What is your dream vacation?

    A little cabin near a lake shore. Water, sunshine, nature, fishing...what more could you ask for.
  2. I knit while listening to metal...weird combination I know, but it works wonderfully for me to de-stress and almost I get to work on some project too.
  3. What is your dream job?...

    Currently, my dream job is to become an activity director and work with Alzheimer's and dementia patients. I love seeing the spark in their eyes when they remember something. Or seeing them laugh and tell me the same story 5 times in a row. And when their time comes, at least I could say I brought them moments of happiness in life.
  4. Fears and Phobias

    I'm not of scared of bugs, or animals, or heights at all. I guess my fear is an irrational one, but I have a fear of being forgotten. Not like someone forget to tell me something or didn't invite me to family event, but like honestly forgetting that I exist. That all my friends, and family, and all that I know would just forget about me even being alive. I shudder just thinking about it.
  5. ok question, "GRAPHIC"

    I would be okay dating and/or marrying a man who has given/received oral sex. Everyone has a past, but what matters is the present.
  6. Sorry if the question I ask is a bit deep or personal, but I wonder if people here realize that some of you sound like you have fallen in love with an idea so much that you forget that you are looking to fall in love with a person. I use to work in a shelter with domestic violence victims, and some would go back to the abuser. The reason was usually because they were in love with the security of saying they weren't alone. They were in love with the memories of the person, not the person themselves anymore. We all have preferences, that's normal. But when we let the preferences control us, then we miss out on so many things life has to offer. This all came to me after seeing the comic and it made me realize the things that come and go in our lives. People of all sorts come into our lives, and everyone has something to teach us and we have something to teach them. We learn and grow from those around us, and if we focus so much on what we want in life, we miss out of what we might need in life to learn and live. But, this is just a thought that came to me, so what do you think: do we fall in love with our ideas more than the person?
  7. Siblings?

    I am the oldest. Two younger brothers. One biological and one by marriage (love him regardless though-blood doesn't matter it is what is in the heart that does).
  8. What kind of car do you drive?

    I drive a silver 2015 Nissan Versa Note. For a new car it has manual locks and windows, which brings back great memories of having to roll up the windows as a kid in my parents old car, haha
  9. Insomnia is a terrible curse...maybe one night I will be able to sleep peacefully. -_-

  10. That is true, and I would say that my previous word choice of "judge" may be too strong. I agree we all have preferences: hair types, heights, gender, etc. I choose such a word because I felt other replies appeared to me to be putting other people who have sexual experiences down. This is where I felt people were being judged. Granted we are all here based on a similar belief when it comes to sex and waiting till marriage. But the world is filled with all kinds of people, so it is wise to accept of others differences.
  11. 1. Yes, I would still consider this a virgin. Although sex itself is a physical act; intimacy involves more of a spiritual, mental, and emotional connection. 2. No, everyone has a past. To judge someone because of something they did in the past is to say that you don't accept who they are. Every experience we have teaches and helps us grow more into the person who we are today. Denying a part of that is in a way like ignoring the bad parts of life we all experience. You can't focus on just the things we like or else you never begin to truly live, you just kind of exist. 3. Again I will reference my answer to number two. The only difference would be that this person does not want to repeat something done in the past unless they are married. Person in question two sees "the other things" as normal and would be open or desire to do them again. I have actually discussed this with my friends and we all have different answers. Some say that only vaginal penetration is how someone loses their virginity. Others say vaginal and anal. And others say vaginal, anal, and oral. I have also a couple friends who believes masturbation is morally wrong. This just shows that we are all different in beliefs but there was one constant among everyone. The person who you do give yourself to should be with someone who you can feel comfortable with, trust, and love.
  12. Becoming an Atheist

    So I'm not atheist but I do claim spiritually agnostic. Basically I don't believe in a God but rather like a simple connection of souls, if that makes sense. Being someone who is WTM in the Christian belt who is not a Christian can be a bit of a challenge. Explaining to people why I am waiting and that it is not for religious reasons can be a interesting topic. But when you explain that you are looking to connect to a persons soul and who they are, not because a religion told you to do so, they seem to be more understanding.
  13. Having children?

    Option #2 for me. I would love to have children. Yet at the same time if I find myself in life where I don't have any then I will be okay with that too. It all depends on who I marry and how things turn out in life. But if I did have children, 3 is my ideal number.
  14. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi, I'm Jessica. I don't really know what to say other than I hope to meet new people and make amazing friends along the way. It is a bit tough being the only one of my friends who is a virgin. I've gotten smack for it and others have accepted it. Regardless, it is nice to finally find a site where if I have questions about anything, I can come here to talk to others who relate.