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I am a virgin. I am interested in meeting women. 2016 was the worst year of my life, and I've had a lot of bad years. Heath issues galore, nearly died, and rear-ended in a car wreck. This all jarred me. I realized that life is short and uncertain. It's affected me in such a way that my strong morals and incredible restraint began to erode. I paid to get on 2 dating sites, but my conservative born-again Christian requirements for a wife weren't met with any certainty. I live in an isolated rural part of Nebraska, and pickins' are slim. I also am quite old to be a virgin. I would only ever consider marrying a truly born-again woman. By that I mean a woman who was born-again upon her believing the gospel, and the gospel alone - genuinely receiving the forgiveness of sins, the adoption of sons, the free gift of eternal life, and the free gift of the Holy Spirit; by believing that God sent his only begotton Son Jesus to shed his blood on the cross for the forgiveness of sins to everyone who believes that's what God sent him to do, and that he was raised from the dead. I am not interested in dating a woman with kids, a smoker, or anyone with an sti/std. Just found this site today: 1/23/2017.

Bit of a profile:

     2016 brought; some health problems, near death experiences, and me being rear-ended in a car wreck. Still pretty weak right now, but I thought I'd take a look. Working at getting healthy again.

I'm a virgin, and was truly born again at about the age of six.

Single, never married, no kids. I use smokeless tobacco sparingly. I have to fight away desires for cigars.

Ex-military, I was member of a "COLT" (combat observation lasing team.)

Have my finances straight, and no debt, but most of my savings was gobbled up in 2016 with medical bills. Bachelor's Degree from a UNK, again, all paid off. Can't really travel to meet someone right now.

I'm a political news junkie. I'm on the internet a lot.  Love that Trump won the election. I like to go on drives outside the city, no matter where I live, I've done it for years and years. I am interested in young earth creationism, but I don't believe that the earth is less than 6,000 years old. I have never believed in "The Grand Theory of Evolution. I do not attend a church. I enjoy one of the local Christian radio station that broadcast, hymns, bluegrass, and gospel music. I don't go in for "contemporary Christian music."

I've got some really good skin, broad shoulders, 5'10 and 3/4", and if it weren't for balding, people have a hard time telling my age. I have a hard time telling people's ages.