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  1. personal introduction

    I'm not here "because we find it hard to live by our beliefs when the going gets tough." I got on this site because I thought that I might find a wife, but that's just me. It can be an interesting forum.
  2. I have been having a time with this topic in my own life...why I don't go to church myself. The simple answer is that I believe that I know more that the preachers know or are willing to accept. Knowing more than a preacher knows is easy if we're talking about a certain Church of God Preacher. But knowing more is more than just simply what info is in the Bible. I came across a book by Bart Ehrman in which he asserted that there were books in the Protestant Bible that were Forgeries and not from Paul. So that means that we should not accept certain books as authentically from Paul just like the Protestants don't accept certain books from the Roman Catholic Bible. I am comfortable donating money to charities for the poor and not donating to a misguided church. I am also orienting my life to the whole word of GOD and not merely the 7 undisputed letters of Paul. Just to take a break here and show how contrary to regular Christiandom I am, how do you think that I would be received were I to go into a church and say that there is no AntiChrist coming. Pretty excluded, huh. How about that 666 as the mark of the beast is made up...Not what you might regularly hear, huh? Then I could get into the fact that 501c3 Churches curtail there sermons so that they do not preach politically so they can keep their tax free status. Ever had a preacher tell you that he can't tell you who you should vote for? It's not because they shouldn't, but that they chose not to in order to keep their tax exempt status. Ask yourselves, "How cruel is it for a minister of GOD not to tell you whom to vote for?" Pretty cruel isn't it. I have plenty of reasons not to go to a 501c3 church!
  3. No problem here marrying out of my ethnicity. Biblical King David had a ton of non Jewish DNA in him. I would prefer to marry within my ethnicity at the current time. But I'm sure this might change if there were a hot momma of another ethnicity around. Glad this topic did not say something like, "Would you marry someone of a different race," as there are no different races. Within ethnicities there are commonalities less general than people of further distant ethnicities. I have no problem with people liking whatever ethnicity they like for marriage. I think it's offensive to take issue with what ethnicity you may like over another. Lets all agree to parade around the hotties of all ethnicities so that the chilrens' can make an informed decision on what flavor they like. WINK!
  4. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    On my birth father's side I am a bastard. However the last name cries out British. On my mother's side; Czech, German, Swedish, and Irish. I sold a Toyota Highlander to a Czech Couple. The husband thought that there was a lot of mental illness in America because there was so much "inter-breeding." He was a practicing psychiatrist. YIKES!
  5. Engagement Ring Stone

    Really in jest I say "What about the guy?!" He should get some rockin' chains, not simply a titanium band. LOL.
  6. Engagement Ring Stone

    I like this topic.
  7. I kept myself clear from her, though she (and her mother) had interest. She was very shy and just wouldn't talk to me. All that I really knew about her is that she went to church and worked.
  8. When I was between 25 and 27 I stiff-armed a potential wife for trivial things and some weird things. I'm 37 going on 38 and I just can't help but wonder what would have happened had I pursued a pretty 24-year-old when I was 25. Before I tell the story, I am wondering about things which I would have today that I do not. I could easily have a sweet sex 2,000 times. Could have had 5 kids easy. Could have had the income of a two parent household to live on. Could have the respectability of being married. The Biblical Proverb: "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD." So favor of the LORD was missed. It really boils down to the fact that I thought that I could do much better than her. She wasn't anything to sniff at either. Good looking and had a job, no kids. I met her Mom before I met her, her name was Julie. Her mom began sobbing when I introduced myself to her at a church, because her only son (of the same name) committed suicide in the AirForce. Kind of a hard thing to do to a stranger. Her mother to her to the place that I worked, so you know that I met mom's standards. They called me "Huck" So they didn't have to call me Jeremy. I didn't like her blue eyes and didn't like her chin, she was too short, and she was too quiet for me. The quietness was her nerves, but I just was unforgiving in my estimation and evaluation of her.Then one day her mother told me that she woke up every night thinking that spiders were on her. The had taken her to a sleep study to try to figure it out. I thought that was too weird. Do not think that I was unaware of faults that I had. I had thousands in credit card debt and student loan debt. Plus I smoked, and I thought that my future wife deserved better than that. FOR THESE REASONS I just never pursued her. Not one date. Point of this post is that over 10 yrs ago I could have been happily married to a good looking woman, but I thought I could do better and now I have a dog and a cat, but no prospects on the horizon that make me feel good about myself. Anyone in this forum in the same boat? Seems like there is always some sleaze hitting on you, but a good woman is hard to find. Thanks.
  9. Why don't guys ask women out in church?

    In my experience there are slim pickins in church. I have only (mostly) lived in rural-ish areas. Plus, the article doesn't mention anything about the women in church already having any children. *The article seemed to present an ideal catch, and a bunch of hapless cowardly men without the whatever to approach her. Hardly the case in my experience. I should add here that my experience is only with "Born-Again" churches. But the article paints an ideal woman as an example, baiting men to be more courageous. I was in a situation where there was only one attractive woman in a small church and there was pressure on me like, "Well your single, and she's single, so get married already whydontcha!" I couldn't get passed this woman's chin. Just couldn't do it. Her chin could kick my chin's ass. Then her mother told me that she wakes up freaking out at night that she thought spider's were crawling on her---> and that she had been to a sleep clinic for it! ...Well let me get down on my knee and propose without further ado, because I want to be married to a woman that wakes me up in terror every friggin' night. Where is this woman in that article. How about my friend Justin, who almost got pressured by an entire church to marry a woman over 10 years his senior with 3 kids, right after his divorce. People telling him, "I had a dream..." and what not. ------>I want to exactly quote the article here to show of the overblown description of an ideal female catch painted: Sweet Erica is sitting next to you in church. She is brilliant, wise, articulate and principled. And you know you’ve noticed her because you notice every brilliant, wise, etc., woman in your circle. They think you don’t notice, but we know better, don’t we? You noticed the moment she started her internship at your workplace that she was just wonderful, nice to chat with, attractive, marriage material, the bearer of your progeny, and definitely the one God has sent from on high to satisfy your deepest longing and ... Read more at *End quote. Well guys, aren't the pews just overflowing with such women. All without kids, all without ex-husbands that are going to be YOUR new burden to deal with. All without that ex's family meddling in your business. Bogus editorial article in my opinion, and I'll stop here because it's kind of got me riled up, lol!
  10. I don't happen to find it weird, but I am attracted to women who I believe could kick somebody' ass. I totally think it has to do with wanting a woman that stands up for her family. I want a woman who will protect those kids from kidnappers. A woman who will get in someone's face If they are trying to rip her off. I could name famous women's names. But I really remember them if they just seem like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. The opposite of a damsel in distress. Action star women. Milla Jovovich in those zombie movies, Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens 2," Sharon Stone in "Total Recall," and Angela Basset in any dog-gone movie. I am a non violent guy, but I kind of have a look of someone you don't mess with, when I'm not smiling - and it's not like I walk around in public smiling. A woman once said (amongst a group of other women) "@$$@# he looks dangerous, I like 'em dangerous!". I had a crazy beard at the time. Most dangerous 36-year-old-virgin this side of the Mississippi! My look and vibe have got me out of some dangerous situations. So if a woman has the same look, or just gives off that sense, I find it a plus. A kidnapper might think, "Well I aint' trying to snag those kids, cause that woman looks like trouble! Especially since women don't have the muscle that a man does. Dana Loesch is an example. Like strong, healthy, fighters!
  11. Dating Non Christians?

    Apparently I am to new to like a post, here, but I concur.
  12. At least take a picture of those abs, for your records. I weighed 169lbs in 11/15, but I have to be on a medicine that makes you put on weight. I am between 225 and 230lbs. It's like the 169lbs never happened! It's the whole class of meds, so there is nothing that I can really do about it. Oh well!
  13. I just found this site the other day, looking to see if there was a site for virgins to date. There wasn't but I kept searching and searching, and stumbled across this one. Maybe if you posted a pic, you wouldn't have to go to Belarus.
  14. Well, congratulations on the six pack, from a guy who does NOT have a six pack. But I do have an appreciation for those smokin' hot Russian women! I have checked out those type of sites, off and on, for years. Sounds like a real positive that you go to the gym. I always kid tall guys, "You know, science show tall people have shorter lifespans," which is absolutely true from what I have heard/read for years. When I was going to the Army recruiter, there was this just retired major that was in there. He seemed a bit off. But he was talking about how he was going on a trup to Russia to look for a wife. This was in 1997 or 1998. Even then I was like, boy I hear you. When I was in elementary school I learned about Russian mail order brides, and later on, when I saw what hot Russian women looked like I was like, "Well how much is a stamp." There is a Russian woman hospitalist here. She is a hot woman, but I know I caught her eye when I was visiting my Grandma. She seemed like she was really tall, but I noticed that she was walking funny. She has about 3-4 inch platform shoes! LOL. Looks totally ridiculous, and she probably only gets away with it because she is so hot. Ridiculous! Couldn't run very fast in those. I would also like to marry a virgin. I also appreciate a guy who wants to marry younger. Do you know that in Russia, the men's life expectancy is so low because of rampant alcoholism. If you don't drink or smoke, you are ahead of the game. Putin won his first election, in part, to a campaign called, "I need a man like Putin. Because he doesn't drink or smoke. I was wildly popular.
  15. Dating Non Christians?

    1 Corinthians 7:39 guides me: "The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.