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  1. I was raised jewish then i was a new ager then a christian and now i'm an animist
  2. Tattoos& Piercings

    No no no. I think tattoos can be fun to look at images of people with them like any other artform but since i am looking for my equal i never got it done so she shouldn't either. If she had her ears pierced as a child then i guess she would have to let them close up because i don't like ear rings i also don't like makeup I don't want that poisonous stuff coming off on my face when we're kissing. I also don't like any other fake stuff like fake eyelashes, hair dye, fake nails. Glasses or contacts both are ok. Fingernail polish is ok i guess.
  3. Is "sex only within marriage" an idol?

    Well said i was coming to the same conclusion that sexual purity has become an idol and i needed to rethink why i am waiting mostly im not waiting for sex but im waiting for the right person who is my equal and the discussion revolving ariund sex made sex an idol it's not really a relationship who's most cherished goods is sex because i am not looking for having children and i can satisfy myself sexually so what i am looking for is intimacy and affection and commitment but not marriage because I don't see the point in tying assets together or proving my love in front of others because my ideal relationship is one of adventure not settling down. So i'm here because i never had sex but don't want it to be about sex but about how my equal is my equal in all aspects of life and not ever having sex not even kissing passionately on the lips yet are just two of many traits
  4. I've done a lot more thinking after reading a lot here and for me, the right person is the right person: while a ceremony is nice idea as long as it's not overly expensive or stressful it's not necessary for me to trap my partner under vows in front of other people. i think the most romantic thing would be traveling and camping together and cuddling not having sex and that's why it would be more important for me to find my equal. So why don't i just wait to marriage because it doesn't mean much for me as i am not religious i am trying to rid myself of cultural conditioning and think for myself and that means that once you"re married you aren't in the clear especially as a man anyways with divorce courts by the way so the idea of just spending as much time as possible with her is more important to me than thinking about growing old and having a family doesn't appeal to me. Although I don't want to find out one day that she's had enough with me i do believe i am safer not being married if that should happen. I am not waiting for the right person to satisfy myself and I don't care if they waited to satisfy themselves but i am waiting for the right person to be where i am and not expect more from me than i can give and right now I don't want coitus but I wouldn't mind mutual stimulation. But that would be what i waited to do but if i wait for this then i feel like i make sex the pinnacle or idol or put it on a pedestal i just really want someone who never kissed or had sex because i never did. Because i am not putting intercourse as the pinnacle of a relationship or defining feature because i can get stimulation by myself i am putting intimacy and affection as the pinnacle i think for me i am transcending my cultural expectations. I am waiting for my equal to come to me and say yes i am here because i never had sex for my reasons. And i want to move to a place where I don't lose anything because they (the nonwaiters) have monopolized the terminology. Basically i want freedom to love deeply without expectation based on what's going on downstairs. So i am glad i am still welcomed here despite my far out ideas. Thanks.
  5. what are you feelings on...

    Divorce I don't agree with it i believe people should know eachother really well before marrying and not look to celebrities as role models. I think it damages the children. Sometimes the couple grow apart. But i dont know if that means they should divorce later when children are adults. I also think it makes sense not to have sex with anyone you don't share these values with and that's why i am here hoping to find someone of similar values and glad most are against divorce abortion i am a man and I don't know it's not my body and that brings me to the next one children i love them but I don't see myself raising any of my own So how to stop from having children or the abortion question don't go all the way I don't even want piv anyways so what kind of woman is out there who doesn't want to ride the carousel and also doesn't want her own children? Lol
  6. Not all men think about is sex we could be thinking about a woman we like and never be thinking about how to have sex with them so that's where i disagree
  7. Trying this site out again

    So I slept on what i wrote and realize that I don't know what i want because i am a virgin mostly due to fear of rejection and so i never even had the opportunity to get close to a woman. I like it to remain that way until i met the right woman but i think waiting for a ceremony to tie the knot is not for me so i am wondering if i really belong here maybe i should again delete my account? I do believe in real love but don't really believe it must be proven with an outwardly ceremony i feel that it would be nice to have one but it's not mandatory. Wow i feel so uncomfortable about my needs here but the thing is this was the only website where virgins were safe but even i as a struggling male virgin don't really feel safe because I don't even feel good enough for this website so please correct me if i am wrong or administrators tell me it is best to cancel my account
  8. Shhh it's a secret between me and my future wife but definitely one part of the ceremony will be outside in the spring in s forest near a body of clean water!
  9. It seems like this is the only place we could ever find other virgins or wtm looking for wtm what a great website I hope all people of this persuasion sign up so the numbers here will grow! We are strong! I want to find someone who waited for me and I am not talking about wtm but the first relationship because we are right for each other I still have shreds of hope at 30 that there is someone out there for me who waited I think waiting for marriage is wonderful that you wait until after the traditional ceremony for me religion doesn't play a role in it is more that I always waited to get intimate so I would think if there is someone out there we would naturally gravitate to each other. I would actually think having a ceremony before would make it even better that we waited and since most brides who don't wait wear white and most men who don't wait where tuxedos I would like a different kind of ceremony beforehand because those symbols don't mean anything to me anymore other than my cultural conditioning but that's not strong enough.
  10. Answer to the video does social anxiety go away? Yes I csn say from experience. Does that mean we may never find another virgin who also we can get along with, not necessarily but that's why we must deal with it and learn to be happy alone
  11. It would be a lot more cold and violence would skyrocket.
  12. Higher education...

    Hi photogirl thanks for asking if we as men want women to have a higher education. I believe it's not very important the woman could be very intelligent and not afforded it. College has become mostly associated with partying as well so there is no plus in that it's a ripoff and mostly designed for the elite with no guarantee of employment but bsck to the question it doesn't matter to me personally as long as the time has not been spent doing drugs instead lol . She could be working or reading or traveling instead of going to college.
  13. Hi Shivani nice to meet you I am Seth, 30 from USA.