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  1. The Importance of Attraction

    You’re welcome…although, I don’t think I can say the same regarding your first message. I’m sure you have plenty of men who are eager to prove themselves to you. However, I will never…in any way, shape, or form have any romantic interest in you. As a result, I have little desire to prove much of anything to you, convince you of anything, or to satisfy your misguided curiosity. I can do that for my loved ones, a woman of interest, or my future wife (if I ever marry)….but don’t see much value in doing that for a stranger on the internet, who misunderstood a comment and formed an opinion before asking questions. I did not say it justifies a Christian telling lies. You did and you’re branching off to a different topic. It justifies my point that even the best Christians are sinners. Look at King David…He slept with his best friend’s wife, got her pregnant, lied, plotted, deceived, murdered his friend, and even more. Even though he kept on sinning, God considered him a Godly man and welcomed him into his kingdom. Billy Graham- “But we still have the capacity to sin—and the reason is because we are still sinners! You see, in the Bible there is a difference between “sin” and “sins.” “Sins” are those things we do that are wrong—evil actions, wrong thoughts or motives, harsh or unkind words, even failing to do something we should have done (such as loving others).” You’re proving my point. You’re admitting here that Christians are sinners. There was one person who was not a sinner and that was Jesus. To believe that being a Christian places a person on the same level as Christ (who was not a sinner), would anger God. This would also undermine the Christian faith in several ways. We will all continue to sin no matter what religion or denomination. Heaven is the only place where we will not be capable of sinning. Until that time, I believe even the holiest of people are sinners. 1 John 1:8 “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” 1 Timothy 1:15 “Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.” Well those are just my views and like you, I will not turn this into a debate. Hope you're having a great day bye
  2. The Importance of Attraction

    Just because I said you can learn a lot from an experiment, doesn't mean I've actually done it. You can also learn from the things other people have done, even if you haven't done them yourself. I think Peter was one of the chief apostles and he lied 3 times when he denied Christ. All Christians are sinners, even the best ones like Peter. Telling someone you love them, have strong feelings for them, or creating a romantic committed relationship with them, would be messing with their emotions. Attraction, interest, excitement, and lust are more reactions, not heartfelt emotions. Attempting to learn and gauge the values of those reactions can be helpful, when seeking a relationship. Sometimes in topics like this, people can feel shallow (even if it’s not) if they admitted looks really mattered to them…So they might say things like personality/character are more important, even if it’s not entirely true. Here’s where this can cause confusion. Hypothetically, let’s say Micah is an amazing guy but he is considered physically unattractive. He sees several women who leave comments saying character/personality are more important. Naturally, Micah being an amazing guy, decides to message those women but he gets friend zoned. Now if those same women respond differently to an attractive guy and show him interest, excitement, give him attention, send him the first message, or don’t lump him in the friend zone, this can be quite informative to Micah in several ways. If Micah knows this information, he can learn from that and make the needed changes to himself, take comfort in knowing those women might not have been a good choice, or alter his approach towards dating. I hope you’re having a great day too-ta-loo
  3. Giving to people on the street?

    Wow that is incredible you offered to help cover the cost of the room! Thank you for sharing this and I will never forget reading this thread. Next time this happens to me, I will be more thoughtful about how I can be helpful to them. If the world had more people like you, it would be a much better place.
  4. Mixed Marriages???

    I feel similar I would never want to force God on my kids, if i ever have any. I would want them to choose Him on their own. It depends on a lot. Some people are of a certain faith because it's in their family but they do not live and practice it. there are others who are of a certain faith because it is just a habit they have known their entire life. For these types, i would imagine it would be less of an issue but certainly be important to discuss the differences before they marry. For the followers and devote types that are different, I think it becomes a lot more risky. If they are both in love and talk about their difference before they get married, i believe they stand a better chance. They would have to agree on how they are going to support each other and what they will do if they have kids. I think it is incredible how your family is so accepting and loving. Religion is usually a huge deal for so many families that it can often cause massive rifts. I can tell you, i dont think that is the norm but some families can do that.It seems like your family has done this through the love they have for one another. I definitely admire this and like i said before...it is an amazing quality we should all strive towards. I dont know. Personally, I would have to really look into and investigate whether or not it is a sin. Off the top of my head i dont think it is an issue depending on the religion. any kind of demonic, voo doo stuff, no, I could not marry that. I dont believe a catholic or jew would not be a problem for me...Not to get too off topic, but lets say there are people who think there is one way to get into heaven and your spouse wont get into heave because they believe the wrong thing....I would say well you're not going to know because there is no sadness in heaven so you might not even realize they are missing. You're just going to be focused on worshiping God for eternity. So if your spouse can support you and help you hear on earth, then who cares
  5. I would imagine so For me, a broken leg
  6. Mixed Marriages???

    @Jorge wow! Well put. It sounds like you have an amazing family!
  7. The Importance of Attraction

    Speaking of attraction, guys if you want to see how important attraction is to the women on this site, just create a fake profile, with an outwardly attractive guy. It is surprising how many women get excited and how differently they react to an outwardly attractive guy...Yet many of those very same women talk about how looks don't matter that much lol...You will learn a lot from this simple social experiment
  8. I like your location lol:D so hows the view?:D

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      LOL this is hilarious...please keep this going it is very entertaining :D

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      Hey, next time don't take so much!:lol: I had to shave my head

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      Amber Elizabeth

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  9. This terrifies me because what if they did not tell them and then they found out later? If I got married and found out my wife settled for me...wow...You would see a 6'6, 285 lbs grown ass man cry lol and it would not be a pretty site I know it's already been said but Men/women both lie and deceive people so they can get what they want and i cant stand that. I would much rather be single then ever have something like this. What really freaks me out is the fact people change. You can be madly in love when you get married but I also get freaked out over the thought of a hypothetical wife falling out of love
  10. Could You....

    It would not be a problem for me. However, like another person mentioned, if it was debilitating then it would naturally make things more difficult. I would like to think i could help and support her through improving the condition.
  11. I'm no longer waiting till marriage....

    Just make sure you're mentally ready if you do decide to do anything....and definitely let her know she's popping your cherry
  12. I'm no longer waiting till marriage....

    lol I hear you on that one!
  13. Your pleasure = Spouse's responsibility?

    @StarGate SG1 You're right you can mitigate but not eliminate those risks. Sometimes that comes with the territory of waiting. It definitely sounds like it was for the better that you two did not get married. I know I would be miserable if my partner viewed me as a chore, did not even care about being good, and could not have fun doing things i like. 100% agree with you. I'm like you, passionate in all things that I do and would hope my wife (if i ever get married) is similar. You want someone to do things in all areas of the relationship because they want to not because they have to or feel some sense of misguided obligation. This can very greatly depending on the guy and there a lot of things that can factor into this. It could be once a week or 5 times a day. If I ever get married, we will both be have the understanding that we will fully satisfy the other person's needs. Never. If I am choosing my hand over my wife, their is a massive problem.I will choose her hands, not mine lol..God I hope this never happens Hmm if we talked about it before we got married and I knew she would need to do this, then I think I would be fine with it, as long as it was not frequently...and I would need to know why. that would definitely determine how I would feel about it.
  14. Wow those are some great questions you bring up @StarGate SG1 I have never thought about this before but I definitely agree with you...I probably would not have any motivation to do anything.
  15. Higher education...

    Ohh wow what a great question! I can’t wait to answer. I feel like I could write a book on how screwed up some of the higher level, American educational system has become and worst of all, how they are accredited. Answer- ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why? Her inward qualities, happiness, and success are infinitely more important than a degree. Answer- No, it is not important to SHOW that she is intelligent. I care if she IS intelligent, not what she can show. Why? Intellectually, I am on the slower side and in an academic setting I have to work much harder than your average student. So where I am week, I would like her to be strong, if possible…and if we ever have kids, lol yeah they need to have better odds lol. So hopefully if I ever get married or find a gf, she is way more intelligent than me…lol which is not too difficult to do If not, then no big deal b\c she will have other great inward qualities. If her only concern is to show her intelligence and nothing more, I would say definitely do not consider any higher level education. Instead take all that money you would spend on getting that one piece of paper and donate it to people who are in serious need. I’d much rather her take an IQ test, frame it, and put it up somewhere. Here’s my story and two cents on Higher level education. I wasted a lot of time and tens of thousands of dollars to get a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. It got me dead end jobs, very high stress levels, with very low pay, making other people wealthy, and working 60+ hrs a week… I ended up doing a career change into the health care industry and it cost me one fifth of what I paid to get my degree. In 1.5 years I completed the program, got a certificate…NOT a degree or even an associates (definitely not a formal education) and passed all my board exams. Now I help kids in need, work 3 days a week or 36hrs, have no stress, and my income has more than doubled…I feel pretty stupid when looking back at my degree…So a whole lot of good my degree did. I would definitely encourage her to be very careful when making that commitment.... Things are a lot different today...education is way more expensive, jobs are harder to get and keep, and can be a lot more stressful