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  1. heyyyyyy

    Yellow was the bomb, all four starters and talking to Pikachu ~~
  2. heyyyyyy

    Welcome lass =] Lately it's Pokemon Moon as well. And then reading Attack on Titan until 2am... trying to get into the habit of not being baited by the insane cliffhangers or I end up sleeping at 4am too lol.
  3. Videos On Celibacy

    Found this one literally just now, came here looking for somewhere to post it and found this thread, so why not? I like reading/watching Ben Shapiro and Stephen Crowder, I've seen a bunch of vids of them talking about how waiting until marriage came about and why it is still a thing people are doing. And also suggesting why it's a good thing for love and families, and society by extension. Though this one's just a chat about comedians being uncomfortable talking about virginity, and the positives of abstinence~~ enjoy

    Great vid, it's lovely to see a real person's face on here ^^ And I agree; it would be nice for this to be a community of real faces rather than just an anonymous "safe space" of sorts where everyone is hiding. I don't think the world will ever stop creating people who want to wait for marriage. And I think that, if the kind of shaming that makes waiters want to hide is to be stopped, for their sake as well as ours, being honest and open and showing them that we're not aliens or basement dwellers(or Russian hackers lol)is a step in the right direction. Signed, your local Russian hacker (not really)
  5. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    We haven't done a DNA test, but according to what my family can guess, roughly: 50% Irish 25% Italian 19% Maltese 6% North African(most likely Tunisia/Libya) Born and raised in Britain but not in a very British area, so my "culture" is a bit of an odd mix. (one of the side effects of uncontrolled multi-culture) First generation born here on Dad's side, second generation on Mum's