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  1. Help me with this guys

    Hi all, I am going to propose to my gf, we have been in a relationship from the past 8 years, and now I want to take it forward to the next level, and propose her for wedding. Even though I know her answer, I am really tensed. I want this to be really special for her and have planned a special evening. I have been looking for good diamond rings, and I have liked this one for her, http://www.pheradiamonds.com/shop/3-row-diamond-band/, I wanted to know your views on this? Is it too simple? Should I go for something better? Please advice me on this guys, because I have never had any experience in purchasing jewelry, my first time.
  2. Holidaying with husband !!

    Barbados is a beautiful place.
  3. Newbie here!!

    Hi people!! I have just joined in here!!