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  1. Girls, Would you date and have a long term relationship with a guy that was into everything but sexual intercourse until marriage. Should a guy just come out and say to a woman that he does not believe in premarital sexual intercourse?
  2. I really want to get married!!!! And even on my wedding night I think the first time me and my future wife (hopefully she is out there) will be good but as we get deeper into the marriage we can become more spiritual, learn about or bodies, and discover God's greatest gift to mankind through are marriage!!!
  3. Hi DragonTrain. I am a very late bloomer who is 40 years old. I was late blooming physically, socially, and emotionally. I have a slight case of Asperger Syndrome which delays your development. I only shave once a week. Have virtually no body hair. Still get Acne and my emotional age is 26. Good news is I still have not lost a single head of hair, don't have one grey hair and yes I had a girlfriend at one time that was 10 years younger than me so yes as a late bloomer when you are older you can always date younger women if those women are okay with it. Just explain your late-blooming situation to women first so they will know why you pursuing younger women.

  4. Just Joined!!!!!!

    Thank you for welcoming me and I look forward to this website!!!
  5. Just Joined!!!!!!

    It is great there are is a website that allows people to come together on waiting until marriage to have sex. I consider myself a born-again virgin. I made this decision and it has been hard because there are so many women out there that all they care about is sex and nothing else.