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  1. HI all, I am planning to visit Barbados with my husband. We go to new places each year, and this year we have chosen the beautiful Barbados. I have been looking online to know more about the place, it’s specialities, and what all activities we can do. There is another couple coming along with us, my husband’s friend and his wife. I was just looking for the different things to do as a couple in Barbados. I have heard that they have really beautiful beaches and a lot of other activities too. Sound’s like really fun. I am just so excited for this trip. So, has anyone here visited Barbados? Any suggestions or things to keep in mind ?
  2. How would you feel if...

    Ohhh , that would be great, and really appreciated !! But, just a dream!!
  3. Supermoon!

    I missed it !!!
  4. Hey there!!

    Hey all !! New here, hope all are doing great!! Looking forward to meeting new people, excited !!!