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  1. How many languages do you speak?

    I can speak Pashto(My Mother tongue), Urdu(My National Language), English(Educational Language), Hindko(Local language of my city). I can read and Understand Arabic.(My Religious Language) and Persian(Cultural Importance). I can Understand Punjabi and Hindi
  2. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    Pakistani, from Pashtun tribes that goes back to Afghanistan.
  3. Marrying someone with a different Religion, Good or Bad?

    By the way, Christianity also prohibits to marry Heathens and Judaism also prohibits to marry Gentiles. In your country Iran, if a Non Muslim man caught having sex with a muslim woman he would be killed while the woman would be flogged with 100 lashes. Similar laws are also present In Jewish law halakhah where if a Gentile woman is caught having sex with a Jewish man , she would be killed while the man would be flogged.
  4. Marrying someone with a different Religion, Good or Bad?

    In fact Quran does prohibit to marry disbelievers. Christians and Jews are disbelievers. However Muslim Men were later allowed to Marry Chaste religious Christian women and Jewesses(Most in the West are not chaste and religious). Read the verse carefully It is clearly stated that a Muslims can eat as guests from Christians and Jews and Christians and jews can eat food of Muslims as a guests. It is written that Muslim men can marry Christian and Jewish women but it not written that Muslim women can marry Jews and Christians. Since this verse doesn't abrogate the prohibition of muslim women marrying disbelievers mentioned in former verse, We can say that Quran prohibits Muslim women. from marrying Christians and Jews. I hope you got it.
  5. Yes it may be true but actually religions greatly influence cultures. Christians in Middle East would be pretty much like Muslims. In the West, religions don't affect the Culture.
  6. Actually Eastern Societies especially Muslims' are very traditionalists. Most of my friends of the University have never an encounter. I haven't gone more than kissing a girl couple of years ago. Personally I haven't got too much opportunities. I think even if you take survey in Western countries, you will still get a better result from Muslims in the West. That's because many Muslims keep traditional family values even in the West.
  7. Marrying someone with a different Religion, Good or Bad?

    He should be ashamed if he has no Problems
  8. Marrying someone with a different Religion, Good or Bad?

    This is the way of life. Where does it happen that a man comes to live in his wife's father house?
  9. Common sense! Look at those countries. In Most of Muslim countries, Premarital sex is a crime and strong family values. In India(a Hindu country), family values are present.
  10. Marrying someone with a different Religion, Good or Bad?

    Where did you get the Interpretation that Muslim girls can marry a Christian guy? The reason why Muslim men are allowed to marry chaste Jewesses and Christian girls is because a person will come to a Muslim family. So the newcomer will have more chances to convert to Islam. No! concept of god in Christianity and Islam isn't same though similar.
  11. Just Joined!!!!!!

    welcome! Sir , you seem quite mature virgin
  12. How many is "too many" partners?

    More than 2 but even one is too much. Personally I will not like to have a wife that has defiled herself in the past. But I'm accepting the reality that fornication is becoming a norm even in our society. But how would I know that whether she had a bad past or not?
  13. Newbie here!!

    hi Welcome
  14. I'm back from hiatus

    Afraid of rejection. but there are many other reasons too. For example, I live in a society where it is not easy to talk to the girl of my age. Another reason is that she was engaged in her childhood. I'm too shy to talk to her though I tried several time.
  15. I'm back from hiatus

    Eh, what I do is focus on what you CAN do rather than on what you CAN'T do I'm without a gf in my 21 years life. Though I like a girl but I never spoke to her a word since when I was 12. #Silentlove