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  1. Hey guys! I really didn't know where to post this. Thought this would be a better place. I've been in an on and off relationship with this guy and I really love him. But, he is this total carefree person. He does love me too, but he is just not the kind of person who would marry and stay with you forever. He enjoys his freedom a lot, is always travelling and he has no permanent job. You must be thinking, why I'm in love with such a guy, but he is really loving and caring. He has had many relationships before, but he has never loved anyone that deeply as he loves me. Even though we've had lots of rough times in our relationship, he never did cheat on me or go for any one else. That's how I know that he truly loves me. And I don't want to lose him too. Hence, I've decided to be in a live in relationship with him. I'm planning to get a place of my own and I'm just gonna ask him to move in. This way probably, we can both be close and also enjoy our own freedom. I'm also inquiring here ( ) for the best mortgage I can get, so that I could get a place of my own, as soon as possible. I really hope I'm doing the right thing, cause not everyone are happy with my decision. What do you guys think? Am I doing the right thing?
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    Hello everyone! I live here in Canada and I'm glad to be a part of this community. Thanks for having me here.