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  1. The Question Game

    Two times I would want to go to: Firstly, the 70's 80's (approximately). I'd like to be about the age I am now (19) so I can go see my favorite music artists when they were still alive/doing concerts/had their voices right. That way, you still live to have today's technology later in your life, and you can still go for late night walks without worrying about all the deranged individuals hanging around (or at least not as many). Secondly, the Civil War, but I would want this to a lesser degree and only if I could be aware of life before I went there. For a few years I was obsessed about the period, and there are a few things that don't add up and some conspiracies that I would like to look into. The lack of modern medicine is close to being a deal breaker, though... NEXT QUESTION: What is the weirdest thing/person/event you have ever experienced/seen?
  2. 25 facts about YOU!

    1. While I write a ton of fanfiction, I usually can't stand to read other fics because I disagree with how the characters are written, can't stand the poor quality of the plot or get hung up on the grammar mistakes 2. I have a variety of food allergies, their reactions ranging from slight gastronomic discomfort to debilitating stomach cramps 3. I'm one of the few people who understand the true versatility of tapioca starch 4. I am slowly teaching myself to write some version of calligraphy. So far I can do the alphabet in lowercase letters, and an uppercase letter "B". Here's some proof: (I was trying to see how small I could write it, don't judge) 5. I like to eat tomatoes by themselves (except for salt) like you would eat an apple 6. I have a cool scar from a fight with a table 7. I have a cool scar from a fight with a bedframe 8. I have about 8 cool scars from a fight with chicken pox 9. I once kissed a frog 10. My favorite color is sky blue. I use it to get rid of headaches on rainy days, it's super effective 11. I don't consistently get one of the 16 personality types, mainly because I feel like alot of the questions are highly circumstantial. Most of the time I get INFJ, though 12. My core value is forgiveness, most people misunderstand what I mean by this. I'm not gonna explain it here, though, it will take too long 13. I don't get mad/ stay mad for long, but there's about 5 things that make me unreasonably angry in a few seconds that put me in a "fight me!" sort of mood 14. I like to feed squirrels 15. I hate avocado with a burning passion 16. I can make some realistic fake wounds 17. I hate driving 18. I sing in the car to deal with the stress of driving 19. I like to drive below the speed limit but I usually leave too late to do that 20. If I'm driving to your house, I will probably roll up five minutes late with the windows down, loudly singing "rainbow connection" off key 21. I like pizza 22. I can't eat pizza unless I make it with tapioca starch or gluten free bread 23. I don't like pizza as much when I have to make it 24. I can't swim worth beans 25. I've never seen a walrus in person, it's on my bucket list.
  3. @Revan I'll keep that in mind... for when I'm old enough to drink XD
  4. Random Thoughts

    Found this while procrastinating. I dunno what to make of it.
  5. I'm going to sound a bit picky, but here we go. I want my husband to have a job that isn't terribly time or energy consuming. My reason for this is, I want him to have that time and energy to make relationships with our kids. My dad had to work two jobs while I was growing up so my mom could stay at home. While my relationship with him is pretty good, he still works long hours, making him pretty tired at the (late) end of the day. I don't blame him or anything, he's doing it to provode for us, but it's hard to get to know him better when he's too tired to do anything but sleep. That being said, I would prefer my husband to have a job that also allows me to stay home. I've actually been looking into homeschooling, and I think that's the way I want to go. I don't fancy my kids having their morals formed by a bunch of other kids who don't know sweet frick all about anything. It seems like the educational system is deteriorating as well, and as a trained teacher I should be able to give them a good education. If my husband's job didn't leave us with enough wiggle room to homeschool, I would still like to stay at home and do online tutoring or something similar to bring in extra money. Maybe the occasional substituting or something. I would still be teaching up until we had kids, but unless I absolutely have to, I won't after they are born.
  6. Having children?

    Definitely #1. But- I don't think I would be devastated if I couldn't have kids. I plan on adopting either way... and I have an incredibly low pain tolerance. If there's anything worth that much pain, it's getting a kid afterwards, but still... So I would be sad, but probably not crushed.
  7. Somebody who has similar views and is fine with the fact that I regularly make a fool out of myself XD
  8. New member

    Is your name by any chance in reference to The Stig from Top Gear?
  9. I like to think that I wouldn't settle any more than I am already willing to... I figure if God wants me to get married, as long as I keep venues to meet him open then God will help me find him. But if I'm not married by about the age of forty, I'm gonna devote my life to missions or something and just die a virgin.
  10. Thanks for the advice, guys These are mostly people in my major that I classify as "friends" (with the quotations) simply because we socialize regularly and are mostly on good terms. That being said, my college groups us together. There is no escaping them. Some of them will be my co-workers because I'm going into a niche career. Because of that I try to avoid pissing them off too much, I'll be dealing with them for a while. They are INCREDIBLY pushy, the whole lot of them harped on one poor girl for weeks after she expressed her views on Obama. There is ONE girl who may possibly be WTM. She is a christian, and she's the closest thing to a real friend I have their. Whenever they bring up my virginity, this outspoken young woman suddenly takes interest in her shoes or changes the subject. She's a bit of an oddball but I'm hoping to get closer to her. Also, thanks for the article, some of the arguments it held were nearly identical to the ones these people use. That's not a bad idea... I think there are at least two christian groups here. I'll look into that. I hadn't really thought of this, but I guess I do automatically act sheepish when people coerce me into revealing my views. Gotta work on that...
  11. Considering the fact that I'm in college, it's kindof a given that sex is a common topic of discussion. Meaning, I regularly have to divulge that I'm a virgin and waiting unless I want to lie. It's become equally common that my "friends", upon learning of my stance, try to convince me that I'm an absolute moron. They seem to consider my primary reason, my religion, not worth arguing over and they just discount it. When I say something around the lines of "I just want to save myself for my husband" they use that stupid car analogy. You know, the "You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, so why would you marry someone without 'test driving' them?" Any counter-argument beyond that, they ignore. Is there a good way to deal with that or to shut them down?
  12. What are your deal-breakers?

    The main dealbreaker for me is not being pro-life. That is my first and foremost requirement. Everything else that I want in a guy in descending order of importance is as follows: - Obviously is waiting until marriage... although, if he previously had sex and changed his ways I wouldn't be 100% opposed - Doesn't watch porn or do drugs (having done either of these previously isn't necessarily a dealbreaker either) - Wants to have/adopt kids, preferably more than 3 - Is cool with raising said kids Catholic - Either has no major gripes with Catholicism or is Catholic himself - Treats female members of his family well (I've seen that this is a good indicator of how a guy will treat his spouse) - Has an open enough mind to at least calmly discuss/question commonly believed truths of our society - Is cool with me being a stay at home mom (this is also negotiable) - Is a bit of a nerd and is in at least SOME of my fandoms - Is no more than ten years older than me or five years younger I've got other things that I would like in a guy but they're extremely negotiable.