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  1. Virgin Therapists: What would you do?

    Of course without a doubt I would attend the event with her. Two big reasons come to mind for why. Being married they're should be supporting everything the other is doing. Her working on this for so long outlasts the three day arguement. Also if he expects her to want to be with him in that way in the future then he should do what she wants because relationships are a two way street. If you want something nice by your partner done for you, you also need to do something nice. Also I agree with Dave and probably would not marry someone like this in the first place. I would not want my future children to not have their parents around to care for them and help them out all the time. I would want my future wife to be a stay at home mom and i am going to become a teacher so I would have the same hours at work as my kids would at school. I have heard being a stay at home mom is harder than it seems also so i'd for sure be able to help out when i get home. This also falls into what I mean by a two way street. You do nice things, you get them to be happier with you, so they'll want to do more for you too.
  2. Fitness

    I eat plenty. No worries.
  3. Fitness

    5' 7 on a good day xD
  4. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    Half Italian, and half Irish
  5. What are your deal-breakers?

    My improved list: 1. Not anywhere near okay with open relationships 2. Wants kids 1 is fine but 5 is preferred 3. Didn't go sleeping around before me 4. No issues with addiction- preferred not to drink or do drugs 5. Would Work with me about jealousy 6. Would not send a nude photo 7. Would not cheat 8. Would not get divorced Preferred: 1. Have a lot in common 2. Would hang out with me all the time 3. Is pretty 4. Is sweet 5. Is not a Capricorn 6. Would exercise with me so we don't get out of shape 7. Religious 8. Likes dachshunds because I love them 9. Wouldn't remarry if I were to die 10. If we had two girls to let me name at least one of them either Octavia or Zelda There could be more preferred but I think I covered all of the deal breakers
  6. What are your deal-breakers?

    tis the bearded one. I just reread my post and realized just how on my high horse I was like wow what was wrong with me xD I had to delete it like I was just listing everything that was a very minor thing and/or had nothing to do with if I would like them or not xD
  7. Good day

    good good. how's it going with you? It seems like you've been gone for a while. What made you decide to come back? Was it just you thought about it again or did an event in life make you think about coming back on?
  8. I am a new member

  9. Fitness

    I can do about 50 push ups till I need to take a break but I have such little weight that says basically nothing. I'm only 100 pounds XD
  10. Fitness

    I am also very into being healthy. It is a big fear of mine to become fat. I have been trying to get totally ripped but i lose weight too easy and only barely have a six pack xD. Workout goals are real though. I want to be like able to do all those things the guys in the gymnastics part of the olympics can
  11. Hey i'm jake

    Here's a video on why I chose to wait until marriage and how I'm on the site to meet new people.
  12. What are your deal-breakers?

    Okay that is fair enough. I was more thinking of perfect ideals than deal breakers because almost all of those could be completely overlooked if there was enough chemistry between me and someone else. I'm sure that anyone would be able to overlook most things they don't consider exactly right for their soulmate since that would really be something awful to miss out on. I've just never seen a redhead as pretty(though i know it's not a good reason and maybe i just haven't met the right redhead) i feel like it would be hard to fall for someone who i don't find all that attractive which is the only reason i put it on the list. And the other thing was mainly about jealousy because everyone hates feeling jealous and i feel like if there was a girl who would get just as jealous she wouldn't mind doing that as long as i was the same way for her. Like of course some things are set where i would just never be able to be with them but the majority of the list is very flexible because i know no one is a perfect person and i wouldn't expect anything that i don't expect myself to do but i would try very hard to do everything perfect so i'm just hoping i end up with someone else who would put in as much effort as myself really. The meaningful parts of the list could be summed up that way as well as staying true and not cheating and following the belief of not getting divorced. I didn't mean to come off as a picky stuck up snob who would only go for someone who fits the criteria to a tee because it's not like that at all, i was just trying to find everything i could that would do things the way i envision them.
  13. I am quite young and for me i don't think i could afford a wedding until i am 22 since that will be when i start my career and that will already be about 4 years and most people take about a year to prepare a wedding so at my age it only seems to make sense to wait that long. Though as 4800 years said things could change and i get older they probably will especially if i do find the right person who wants to be with me all the time so i'd get to know them more quickly than i'd imagine someone who marries in 5 years would see their person. Like meeting once or twice a week 5 years seems like a reasonable amount of time but if you see eachother everyday and just know everything is right then you don't need nearly as long. Also i think that i just have it all idealized in my head to be that i find someone who is perfect before i'm 20 then marry at 25 and start having kids sometime before 30 so it just just makes sense that way for me. But who knows what the future will bring. I could end up with someone absolutely marvellous and want to marry in a year and a half to two years if all goes perfect. Only time does tell with these things.
  14. Thank you both for responding. Also thank you for your input on how it could change because I never considered that, though it makes a lot of sense because if life stays as stable as I'm planning and if they have enough time to be around all the time I'd probably have a better idea in a shorter amount of time to know that they are the person I would want to marry. Also it was also a good thought that most women would see that as a better alternative to getting married quick at my age. I always see things about people who wait and then as soon as they get married realize they were not right together because they married too quickly and I just wouldn't want to be in that boat. I think that if I lived with them for a year or two though it would change things because I would be able to get a real sense of what it would be like to be married to them.